Scott Walker Walks Into His Own Trap (Limerick)

UPDATE: The blogger who interviewed Governor Walker and whose Walker quote is the premise of this entire post and limerick, has corrected his story to indicate that the quote was a transcription error and that the Governor did not claim to have voted for Reagan when it was illegal to do so.

Rather than simply “disappearing” this post, I’ll leave it up with this correction notice. My apologies to anyone who was misled by my reliance on the earlier version of that interviewer’s story.


Republicans have a long history of bolstering their credentials by citing some Ronald Reagan connection. So it tends to be no big deal when a Republican pol waxes eloquent about having voted for Reagan.

And then there’s Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R), who recently said:

I remember, I was a teenager, had just become a teenager and voted for Ronald Reagan — limited government, you know, smaller government, lower taxes, strong national defense. You knew what you were getting. You knew how a Reagan administration, a Reagan presidency was going to be better for you.

Alas, since Walker was born on November 2, 1967, he “wasn’t old enough to vote in either 1980 or 1984 when Reagan ran for president.” So if Scott Walker was being truthful, then he’s just owned up to committing voter fraud.

Scott Walker Walks Into His Own Trap (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Walker tried to increase his appeal
With a “voted for Ron Reagan” spiel.
Do the math; Scott’s denoting
His under-age voting.
Fin’ly, ONE case of vote fraud that’s real.

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One Response to “Scott Walker Walks Into His Own Trap (Limerick)”

  1. As a resident of a state whose Republican Attorney General spent a lot of money and time searching out the massive voter fraud, to come up with, NOTHING, witnessing that happen across the country as Republicans used those non-existent cases to reintroduce voter suppression in a way we haven’t seen since the mid-1960s, Scott Walker has voluntarily confessed to committing voter fraud. His confession makes his crime more evidenced than all of the claims of voter fraud that the Republican legislators based their voter suppression on.

    If Republicans don’t demand a criminal investigation of Scott Walker on the basis of his confession, they are liars and hypocrites unworthy of holding office. And the media that will also not call for an investigation impeach themselves entirely.