“Party First” Politics (3-Verse Limerick)

“Party First” Politics (3-Verse Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

When the government runs out of cash
And shuts down, then just who will you bash?
If you’re paying attention,
The party you’ll mention
Is Republican — that’s who you’ll trash.

But misinformation’s widespread
Cuz the public is constantly fed
Big Republican lies
Which attempt to disguise
Who would chop off the government’s head.

Yet the GOP’s mission is clear:
It’s a goal they’ve chased year after year
To stymie Obama,
No matter the trauma
To all that our nation holds dear.

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5 Responses to ““Party First” Politics (3-Verse Limerick)”

  1. Time to rename the Republican Party: Take a quick look at my latest blog post…This is the first time I have seen yours–and am signing up for more.

  2. So what’s this I hear on the news?
    The GOP clowns who refuse
    To govern our nation
    Came back from vacation
    And promptly went off on a Cruz!

  3. Audemus says:

    Some of us thought Reagan bad,
    Most of us let him be-
    But more of us hit our limit,
    With the George Bush’s dynasty.

    Now reason is rare and all muddled,
    And intelligence has been banned,
    And WE ALL are way past fed-up,
    With these loony Teapublicans…


    Anything would be better-insteader
    These fuckin’ Republicans. ;)>

    Sept. 2013

  4. Doug McMillan says:

    The rhetoric in Congress may thicken
    The government shutdown may kick in
    Compromise on the Budget?
    The Tea Party won’t touch it!
    They’ve decided they’re gonna play chicken!

  5. z. alexi says:

    Every week several of Mad’s limericks awakes me & makes me wonder. I’m outta words today so will borrow Teddy Roosevelt’s…obviously intended for a woman like MadK: “The credit belongs to the woman who’s actually in the arena, whose face is marred w/sweat & dust & blood; who strives valiantly so that her place shall never be w/those cold & timid souls who know neither victory [n]or defeat.”