Post-Debate Open Limerick To President Obama

Post-Debate Open Limerick To President Obama
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Dear Barack, did you even prepare?
Cuz debating is war — yes, it’s guerre.
Mitt spewed lie after lie,
While you simply stood by,
Ineffective and weak — barely there.

Haiku of the Day:

Mendacious Romney
bewilders Obama–
lies more than usual.

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8 Responses to “Post-Debate Open Limerick To President Obama”

  1. Steve Bates says:

    Well, that wasn’t the former Barack;
    He showed up, barely punching the clock.
    No R. Browning, his reach
    Just exceeded his speech…
    His responses, at best, were ad hoc.

    – SB the YDD

  2. OH says:

    Do Republicans admit when they lose debates? Serious? Was it truly anything more than Mitthead by a nose with reservations based mostly on very low expectations for Mitthead?

  3. madkane says:

    Well done, Steve! And sadly, true.

  4. Bruce Niedt says:

    Inspired by a comment in last night’s debate
    (I submitted it to the limerick contest):

    Mr. Romney has stated that yes,
    he plans to de-fund PBS.
    I can just see the headline:
    Big Bird in the breadline,
    and Elmo a homeless hot mess!

  5. I’ve just climbed out of my deep depression. I’m thinking of writing a new book, “Delusion Made Easy.” Because, hey, I’ve been working my delusion hard this last 24 hours. After a series of upbeat post-debate articles, I’ve been wallowing in comfort thought: grammar and typography!

    There are a couple of good limericks here. I’m particularly impressed that Bruce used “Big bird” without rhyming it with “turd.” Such is self-control I do not have.

    I feel much more in a Haiku mood, but I’m not even up to that. In fact, I think Sappho said it best:

    Pain penetrates
    Me drop
    by drop

    Or all at once if you’re an Obama supporter. Not that all hope is lost. Delusion! (I’m just kidding–the campaign is fine!)

    Have a cheery evening!

  6. hansi says:

    Will I vote for Romney?…Hell No!

  7. JulesPaige says:

    I’m not sure where else this might go…but when the article showed up on my MSN new head line…I had to investigate…
    I wonder if this Republican ‘gent’ believes we landed on the moon?


    There once was from Georgia, a state representative
    Dr. Paul Broun expressed being quite sensitive
    To the debate of evolution he was quite irate
    All that scientifically proven fact was spawned from Hell’s gate
    How in the first pace was he allowed to be an elective?

  8. madkane says:

    Thanks so much everyone for your comments and thanks for your fun verse Bruce and Jules!