Ode To GOP Stimulus Hypocrisy

It’s getting hard to keep track of all the Republican “trash and cash” Recovery Act hypocrisy. But Steve Benen has a stimulus hypocrisy update, and I have a limerick:

Ode To GOP Stimulus Hypocrisy
By Madeleine Begun Kane

“The stim bill was bad. Voted no,
Cuz it won’t the economy grow.”
That’s the GOP rant
As they privately chant,
“Now give me more stimulus dough.”

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4 Responses to “Ode To GOP Stimulus Hypocrisy”

  1. Realist says:

    The stimulus gives Repubs fits
    “It’s welfare for those in the pits!
    “In trouble they stay
    “If they cannot pay!”
    It comes down to who benefits

    It’s OK to prop up the banks
    Who never respond or say “Thanks!”
    They think it their right,
    Because they’re so bright,
    For bonuses up to their flanks

    “Two Cities” not one ever read
    They see no good reason to dread
    The rabble will rise
    And choose to excise
    Their bodies from under their heads

  2. Linkmeister says:

    I can’t match that. But I remember Ashcroft’s “Let the Eagle Soar,” and I suggest a new title: “Let the Tumbrils Roll.”

  3. David Giles says:

    “The stim bill Republicans vote no,
    The Dems warned the voters would throw
    The Republicans out
    when mid terms they’d be rout’
    But now who’s foot did a hole in it blow?