A Limerick For Traitor Joe

Traitor Joe Lieberman is back to his old tricks, once again trying to undermine Democrats. So how’s Joe rewarding Obama and Harry Reid’s excessive generosity in letting Lieberman caucus with the Dems and chair the Homeland Security Committee? By threatening to help Republicans filibuster health reform over the public option.

Joe Lieberman’s latest misanthropic behavior reminds me of the single saving grace in Bush v. Gore: The election was stolen from Lieberman too.

I’ve already written Joe a song parody, so now it’s time for a limerick:

A Limerick For Traitor Joe
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Joe Lieberman’s meanness runs deep.
He’s a back-stabbing, Dem-screwing creep,
Who’s determined to kill
The health reform bill.
But at least he will never be VEEP.

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6 Responses to “A Limerick For Traitor Joe”

  1. Tumblewords says:

    Good job. He gives me the chills. Always has, always will.

  2. Paul says:

    There once was a senator from Connecticut
    who mastered the art of the politic.
    He got on his knees,
    the insurance industry he did please,
    now he’s the queen of the indelicate

    I was compelled to include the traditional coarseness.

  3. SteveNance says:

    To kill health reform, that’s the predicate
    For the Senator from Aetn- …Connecticut
    People die while he dickers,
    Making Harry Reid’s knickers
    All bunched up, over lost …. Senate ettiquette!

  4. madkane says:

    Thanks Steve and Paul. :)

  5. sunni says:

    can we put this on facebook?

  6. Can we drop the silly catchphrases? “Big Government Takeover of Health Care” is a little tired. Not to mention it provides ZERO information about the bill, one way or another. It may have held some sway when the public option was included (it isn’t now, soooo…), but even then the soundbite contained ambiguities that cater to inaccuracy. Republicans better know how to convince the “Average Joe” (read: politically infantile) onto their side of the line. The Dems do it to, but I dare say their constituency demands more substantial content than does the opposition. Start over? So they can obstruct THIS bill for 9 months and claim the congress (funny, they are part of it)is do-nothing? That’s classic carrot on a stick. The whole debate has been how to fund the senate bill, not the provisions it ACTUALLY provides. Jeez. 6 years ago we would have passed it unfunded and the public wouldn’t know squat.