Is Olbermann Turning Into O’Reilly?

Is it just me?  Or is Keith Olbermann turning into Bill O’Reilly?

The bombastic commentary.  The narcissism.  And, of course, the misogyny.

I’d thought that once Obama clinched the Democratic nomination, it would be safe to start watching Countdown again.  Without Keith’s daily anti-Hillary target practice, I might even be able to watch it without cringing.


Keith’s bloviating “Worst Person in the World” anti-Katie Couric tirade was almost enough to make me turn to Bill O’Reilly. Talk about desperate!

And that brings me to my latest limerick:

Is Olbermann Turning Into O’Reilly? 
By Madeleine Begun Kane

In the past I cheered Olbermann’s rants—
Loved his anti-war, anti-Bush stance.
But misogynous bluster
Is all he can muster
In Olbermann’s mirror-romance.

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22 Responses to “Is Olbermann Turning Into O’Reilly?”

  1. Norm Jenson says:

    It needed to be said.
    Thanks for the limerick.

  2. evirus says:

    misogynous…………………….. he disagrees with two people, they happen to be women so the only adjective you can come up with is misogynous? honestly i find it ironic that you would jump the gun and declare his argument “misogynous”yeilding to the illogical argument from emotion(oh he just hates women) much like what O’reilly would do.

  3. kiebner says:

    I don’t think commentators like Olbermann should be shackled with misogynist blame just because they are critical about Hillary. They aren’t attacking Clinton because she is a woman, but because, despite her promising potential in her early career, she recently has been a solid representation of collusion with negative Washington ways. The timing of her votes and changed positions bank on political convenience, not on a judicious pulse-taking of the facts (i.e. she was caught up, like many of her colleagues and the media, in post 9/11 fear, to go along with whatever the beltway status quo offered in the lead up to the Iraq War). Her political tactics in the primary went from respectable in the beginning to more Rove-like near the end.

    Many of those who have been labeled “misogynist” by the rabid Clinton supporters have no issue with bold, female leaders like Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius or Representative Barbara Boxer or even Nancy Pelosi.

    The politics of fear that say “If not Hillary, than who?” aren’t being imaginative to the options of other players on the field. In fact, singling her out discredits other worthy female candidates. The glass ceiling for the White House needs to be non-existent, and Hillary has done tremendous, historical damage to that ceiling. I don’t believe her work is finished, to be honest. But to suggest that Hillary deserves the office of POTUS purely on her gender is a discredit to the feminist argument of merit over gender. I don’t think there is anything more narcissistic than having a “Hillary-or-nothing-at-all” attitude. Worse still are those willing to vote for McCain based on these perception issues, despite the blatant misogyny McCain has shown for his wife.

  4. Elayne Riggs says:

    Absolutely, Olbermann’s just become the flip side of the coin to O’Reilly. Maybe it’s because that’s what cable TV producers want. He makes money for them with that type of personality and the way he projects himself. That’s always going to be the bottom line. But he shills as hard for Obama (even going so far as to defend the candidate from attacks while at the same time stepping up attacks on others) as O’Reilly and his ilk are for right-wing causes. Mostly, as a sports guy, he’s way too obsessed with horse-race statistics.

  5. Dirk Gently says:

    Olbermann’s been blustery for more than a year now, in case you haven’t noticed. I’m inclined to think some of this is ego, but even moreso about the positive feedback and ratings boost he got from starting on his “Special Comment” and “Worst Persons” sections. Certainly he’s an Obama booster, but that doesn’t make him by default a misogynist (which is a really misapplied term: at worst he’s sexist; misogyny implies physical harm).

    And seriously, Kane, give it a rest: Hillary did not get the nomination, there are other qualified women on the political scene, and McCain’s FAR less amenable to anything remotely resembling feminist issues than Obama. Do we really have to go back to the days of second-wave feminism where it was “cool” to be a man-hater, and to see women-hating positively everywhere, in addition to fighting for a more equitable society? Just as young men and women were beginning to overtly refer to feminism in positive terms, too….

  6. Keith says:

    So for calling out Hillary on her negative, scaremongering campaign he’s suddenly a misogynist? Your intent to “turn to Bill O’Reilly” in the face of Olbermann’s “misogynist bluster” is reassuring. Good luck finding refuge in Bill O’s ignorant rantings.

  7. Alesha says:

    I completely agree with you. Since he turned on Hillary I have really noticed the O’Reillyness in him. They are so much alike it’s comical. Keith goes after people with such venom, like Bill. It wouldn’t surprise me if they are secretly in love with each other.

  8. Kevin says:

    at least he doesn’t tell interviewees to “Shut up!”

  9. Garret says:

    The following cliche applies so well it’ll go over most peoples heads: You become what you hate. There’s symbiotic fuel in Olbermann’s Bill-O fixations. He’s drunk on it and now there’s something of Bill that’s grafted into his brain and it’s taking over.

    Actually, I always thought Keith was a jerk but everyone around me needed their catharsis of a nightly spanking session for “Mr. Bush” (you couldn’t say anything remotely critical of K.O., lest you be ostracized and thought of as a Bush tool). –Nothing like gulping down that political outrage elixir and wearing your Che T-shirt but it’s time to get back on track with some measured thinking. If, on the other hand, you wish to pimp the country then just keep the emotional hysterics in the forefront like Keith. “Worst Person in the World” –what kind sophomoric of bullshit exercise is that for a supposed “journalist”? Give me a break.

    For those who supported Hillary, the shoe went on the other foot and eyes were opened. You saw the mechanisms of the way this guy operates anew. It was the classic “morning after” experience; the reality of Keith’s oafishness. Politics and love make us do strange things.

  10. Blue says:

    Nice limerick but you are wrong … Keith has always been O’Reilly, you merely overlooked it when you shared his opinion.

    I never liked his Worst Person in the World bluster and thought he might have more of an effect without the schmaltz. But I stopped watching altogether when His Arrogance pilfered Edward R. Murrow’s sign-off.

  11. E.Bednarowicz says:

    This is the unfortunate nature of the Internet: anyone can have a platform to speak, no matter their understanding of their subject.

    Here’s a lesson in making comparisons: the more points of congruence, the more legitimate your argument becomes.

    Keith Olbermann is no more a misogynist than Barack Obama is a black supremest. (Just because Obama disagrees with John McCain, who happens to be white, doesn’t mean he is out to ruin the white race.)

    I thought this was going to be a serious article, with substance, particularly because I don’t disagree with some of your thesis. The fact of the matter is, there are several legitimate characteristics that make Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann equal counterparts.

    When asked in an interview on the Bill Moyers Show why he sees himself as different from the angry and polarizing opinion he was crusading against, Olbermann had to admit, “It’s the most vulnerable point, because it bothers me too. It’s the one criticism that I think is absolutely fair. We’re doing the same thing.”

    Even after admitting this, he goes on in the same interview to say that history will judge him! (Sound like anyone else we know?)

    My point in all of this is that, while criticisms should be accepted by society, no one should tolerate the ignorant argument.

  12. Corner Stone says:

    As for the claim that misogyny requires “harm”, what about when he suggested she be taken into a room and only “He” comes out?
    It’s not just that he disagrees with HRC, or how she runs her campaign. It’s the manner in which he does so. His screeds are clearly sexist, and his talking points more frat-boy in style and nature.

  13. stella from ohio says:

    Could it possibly be he’s a misogynist towards women of a certain age……he’s 49 and has a live in girlfriend of 24. Page Six of the New York Post reported the following back in March of this year:

    “We hear Olbermann’s live-in girlfriend, Katy Tur, 24, just landed a news-anchor job on CW11, allegedly with his help. Many are whispering about her qualifications, considering she once professed she didn’t go to journalism school and she’s simply been referred to as a “freelance cable producer” in New York and LA”

    Her “qualifications” are very evident in the following photos of her in her pre-Keith days:

  14. PINKY says:

    He’s worse. At least when O’Reilly attacks a guest, he’ll do it to his/her face. But notice how respectful KO was to Hillary during his interview.

  15. The Skwib says:

    Carnival of Satire (#101)…

    Greg Merrick has discovered the negative effects of video games are quite unambiguous: Video Games Causing Many Older Americans to Think They’re Wizards, Fairies
    Madeleine Begun Kane wonders (in limerick form) Is Olbermann Turning Into O?Reilly?…

  16. Jack W says:

    I guess no one watches when Olbermann use words like “slut” to describe some women on his program referring to Paris Hilton. He also was a big supporter of David Shuster when the whole pimping incident. The only person he has regard for is himself and his comments. If you are anyone else or disagree with him he will try to smear you.

  17. Carrie says:

    Olbermann’s histor of mysgony goes back way before his assaults on Hillary. Do a google search on this topic, he’s had quite a few incidents of saying horrible things about women. It’s clear that he has issues with women. No wonder he lives with one young enough to be his daughter, it speaks to his controlling tendencies in a relationship, he has to feel all powerful which is why he’s intimidated by women. He’s no hero.

  18. jamrat says:

    Keithie never tells anyone to shut up because he never has anyone on his show who disagrees with him.

  19. Frank Lobo says:

    Keef is a misogynist not because he “critized” Katie or Hillary…
    its because he refers to women as “sluts” (Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan), “dumb” (Rita Cosby) and “cunts” (ex-girlfriend Laura Ingraham).

    Keef is a misogynist because he uses his fame (and MSNBC email account) to meet/hook up with female fans (see Karma Bites).

    And don’t forget the Jewish Anti-Defamation League censured Keef for his (repeated) Nazi references and salutes.

    But, you libs keep supporting this Ted Baxter parody…

  20. Sheldon says:

    I didn’t read all the above comments, so somebody probably has already mentioned this. But I will again. Who does Olberman have on as a regular guest and to substitute for him? Rachel Madow! I am sorry, go ahead and criticize Olberman, but the mysogyny charge just doesn’t stick, and makes you seem like you are grasping at straws.

  21. patty says:

    Just found your blog. Love it!!!

    I was just telling a friend this afternoon that I stopped watching Olberman months ago because I couldn’t take his Hillary bashing anymore.

    PS: I wonder who has to pick up the crumbled paper he throws on the floor at the end of each show….

  22. two crows says:

    I find him difficult to take, too. For me it’s more his need to shout at the camera and his ongoing feud with O’Reilly. Does he really believe he has to keep warning his left-leaning audience about the dangers of watching Fixed Noise and Billo? I think we can figure that out for ourselves.

    It seems to me he’s just hunting for a method to tout his ratings. Well, if he _wasn’t_ ahead of Billo, it would certainly be time to find a different profession–or commit hari-kari.