Political Laughs

Did you see Rudy Giuliani giggle his way through that Tim Russert interview?  It was a lot like Hillary Clinton’s cackle-fest, only an octave higher. And the two candidates have something else in common — they’re both slipping in the polls.  But don’t worry — they can always get work as a laugh track.


Did you hear any of Oprah’s Obama speeches?  That woman’s one hell of an actress!  She actually had me believing she’s black.


Note: I’ve been emboldened to attempt political joke writing, after having my first joke published in the Charlotte Observer, (reprinted from Daniel Kurtzman’s political joke collection in About.com.)

Speaking of Dan Kurtzman, I’ve been meaning to mention his very funny book again: How To Win A Fight With A Conservative would make a wonderful holiday gift!  And be sure to buy a copy for yourself too.

Can’t wait for Dan’s wonderful humor to arrive in the mail? His Conservative Insult Generator should tide you over till you get your hands on his book.

And while I’m recommending funny political gifts, I also love my 2008 George W. Bush Out Of Office Countdown Wall Calendar.[tags]Giuliani Joke, Hillary Clinton Joke, Hillary’s Laugh, Rudy’s Giggle, Tim Russert, NBC, Meet The Press, Political Gifts, Dan Kurtzman, Bush Calendar, Political Jokes, Oprah Humor, Obama Humor[/tags]

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