Hillary Clinton Joke (30 Second MP4 Video)

I’ve been playing around with creating short video clips and I’ve finally succeeded.  So if you’d like to see me tell a joke I wrote about Hillary Clinton and the issue of drivers licenses for illegal aliens, you can watch it on YouTube[tags]Political Humor Video, Hillary Clinton Joke, Governor Spitzer, Illegal Aliens, Drivers Licenses[/tags]

2 Responses to “Hillary Clinton Joke (30 Second MP4 Video)”

  1. Steve Sham says:

    Mad Kane,

    I liked your joke, and way to go figuring out the video stuff. I just started writing for a new political-news-satire-humor site and would like to invite you to check it out.

    It’s http://www.thenewscolumn.com

    We’re pretty new to blogging over there, but understand the importance of networking and joining the “blogosphere,” so check us out, and thanks for your support.

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