Why I No Longer Get Excited When Bush Cronies Quit

Can we ever get rid of Bush’s spinmeister cronies?  Apparently not.  Sure, they eventually quit.  But they stubbornly refuse to stay quit. 

Remember when Karen Hughes resigned amidst all sorts of hoopla? Well, she stayed away for roughly a nanosecond and she’s currently with the State Department, “leading efforts to promote America’s values.”

And now the dishonorable Ari Fleischer has resurfaced and, once again, he’s flacking George Bush’s needless war, via the White House front group Freedom’s Watch.

I thought I’d celebrate Ari’s comeback with a limerick: 

Why I No Longer Get Excited When Bush Cronies Quit
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Bush spinmeisters keep coming back:
First Karen returned. What a hack!
Now Ari is here,
Spreading war lies and fear.
Guess they don’t really leave; they just pack.


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2 Responses to “Why I No Longer Get Excited When Bush Cronies Quit”

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  2. PoliShifter says:

    I am more concerned about those Bush Officials working in the shadows liek Negroponte…the people who are pulling the strings…where Cheney spends most of his time. All these Reagan Iran-Contra holdovers like Poindexter who are setting the agenda. Or the Heny Kissengers that move like shadows in and out of the oval office.