Limerick Ode To The Elephant

When I miss a big day, I’ve regrets,
And I’m tempted to spew epithets.
Nearly failed to relay
It’s “World Elephant Day,”
But an elephant never forgets.


Elephant Appreciation Day falls on September 22.

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One Response to “Limerick Ode To The Elephant”

  1. Ken Gosse says:

    Pach Up Your Troubles ~
    In an old Western story, a lacky,
    Tried to ply his new pet with tobaccy,
    Terrific old joke,
    I once saw on Gunsmoke –
    When Festus got stuck with a Pachy.
    – Gunsmoke episode, “Arizona Midnight” first aired January 1, 1973:
    “A very short man rides in on a Giant Horse into Dodge and offers $50 to any man who will take care of him from midnight to dawn tonight, the first light of the full moon, when he will turn into a “were-elephant.”” Arizona Midnight