Dear Facebook: Get Up To Speed

Dear Facebook: Get Up To Speed
By Madeleine Begun Kane

The Facebook seems sluggish of late.
First I click, then I wait and I wait.
It’s getting annoying —
No longer enjoying
My visits. I’m getting irate.

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8 Responses to “Dear Facebook: Get Up To Speed”

  1. mardix says:

    I’ve pretty much stopped going to Facebook. It has become way too annoying.

  2. Loved your limerick for Three Word Wednesday! And awesome one here too I can’t play any of the games on Facebook they never load up even when I had an awesome connection

  3. WarmSunshine says:

    Nice one! :D I hope the people behind Facebook get to read this! :P

  4. JTS says:

    Amen to this one Mad Kane! I love keeping up with friends on Facebook, but the loading time has become rediculous. I am growing impatient with it too! My philosophy is that such ventures should plan for growth and make sure they have a system in place to handle it! Much like going to a restaurant that has plenty of seating but not enough cook and wait staff to do the job efficiently. Reminds me of that old saying… “Don’t bite off more than you can chew”! Thanks for contributing to Write A Letter Wednesday!

  5. Veralynne Pepper says:

    OH! If you only knew! Lightning killed my ‘puter last week. (The second time in under three years. YES! We had a good, heavy duty surge protector!) It’s in the shop since it fried the modem and cable tech thought it might have just been the . . . power box? Consequently, I’m working with a borrowed tower, unused for YEARS! I can’t get a word in edgewise as it keeps updating itself and restarting! LOL! Consequently, I don’t know if FB is slow or not! LOL!

    Anyway, I DID enjoy your lim, Mad!

  6. madkane says:

    Thanks so much everyone. Glad I’m not the only one! Sorry to hear about your computer aggravation Veralynne!

  7. Nara Malone says:

    The entire Internet seems to be creeping along lately. Love your little poem.

  8. madkane says:

    Nara, I’ve only noticed it in Facebook. It’s really been absurdly slow lately. Thanks! So glad you enjoyed my limerick!