Swimming In Verse

Jesse Levy, a Facebook pal of mine who participates in my Limerick-Offs, has challenged me and fellow Facebook friends to write a limerick starting with this line:

There once was a swimmer named Dean.

I love a good challenge, so I wrote this three-verse limerick in response:

There once was a swimmer named Dean.
He was swift and his breast stroke was mean.
When he raced he would win.
He thought losing a sin.
The guy was a swimming machine.

When he finally lost, he freaked out
And suffered a confidence drought —
Could not handle defeat.
He determined to beat
Up the fellow who won his last bout.

Poor Dean does not swim anymore.
He’s in prison, according to lore,
For killing that swimmer.
His weapon? Hedge trimmer.
Yes, that’s how he settled his score.

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7 Responses to “Swimming In Verse”

  1. There once was a swimmer named Dean
    who just swam to be somewhat clean,
    he did not use soap
    for lather, the dope,
    who was a poor ad for hygiene.

  2. Dr. Goose says:

    A Canadian swimmer named Dean
    Loved competing while eating poutine;
    While the gas and the bloating
    Improved on his floating,
    They sure weren’t promoting hygiene!

  3. Mad Kane says:

    LOL! Gerald and Dr. Goose, you should both post your limericks over at Jesse Levy’s Facebook page.

  4. Jesse Levy says:

    Might as well add mine.

    There once was a swimmer named Dean
    Who went to the beach to be seen
    He admired the hunks
    in their tight swimming trunks
    He was “happy” if you know what I mean

  5. Framerpicture says:

    There once was a swimmer called Dean
    Who’s daily swim was routine
    It was his full flowing gown
    That caused him to drown
    And was found by a subamarine

  6. Mad Kane says:

    I love when my posts are turned into limerick-offs. :)

  7. Steve Nance says:

    There once was a swimmer named Dean
    Most aerodynamic and lean
    He found it relaxing
    Except for the waxing
    Required for his training regime