Planning To Travel With Friends? Are You Sure That’s Wise?

Years ago I wrote a humorous joint travel contract for the Philadelphia Inquirer. I’ve been meaning to post it on this blog, but I keep forgetting. And Sunday Scribblings’ post about fellow travelers has prompted me to finally do it: 

Revel With A Clause
By Madeleine Begun Kane 

Your closest friends keep badgering you to join them on a trip. You’re running out of excuses and may be forced to go along. Can friendship survive seven days of constant contact? Will you loathe each other by the time you return?

Joint vacations can be a challenge to any relationship. But with patience, a sense of humor and the help of this agreement, you can take that trip and keep your friendship intact.

AGREEMENT entered into this __________, 20__ by two close couples who would like to remain friends.

WHEREAS, Couples A and B are about to embark on a shared vacation;

WHEREAS, Couple B would rather stay home, but has agreed to give this trip a try;

WHEREAS, Couples want to work out ground rules so their friendship won’t self-destruct.

NOW, THEREFORE, Couples agree to the following vacation terms:

1. The trip shall commence on a date determined after consulting Couples’ children, employers, and baby-sitters. It shall not involve backpacks or a tent.

2. Once a date has been chosen, Couples shall enter into vacation spot negotiations. The following factors shall be duly considered in the course of site selection:

(a.) Wife A burns if she glances out a window.

(b.) Wife B loves to sprawl out on the beach.

(c.) Husband A considers himself an art aficionado.

(d.) Husband B admires prints of large-eyed tots. … (Revel With A Clause is continued here.)

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10 Responses to “Planning To Travel With Friends? Are You Sure That’s Wise?”

  1. UL says:

    This was superb MK, simply superb :) Thank you

  2. Redness says:

    Very funny, can only wonder what their revel revealed???

  3. Tumblewords says:

    LOL How difficult it is to find a matching pair! Not so much a worry for me! Funny stuff here.

  4. i am so refreshed reading your posts!


  5. Good post. Thanks for the humor!

  6. LittleWing says:

    mad, this is hilarious…especially since i just came back from a 3-day trip with 7 women…definitely recognized some of those terms…absolutely hilarious…im thinking our next trip i might have to have something like that just to blow their minds!!!

  7. Terry says:

    Hilarious. Wonderful combination of the talents of someone who’s both a writer and a lawyer. Erm, “recovering lawyer.”

  8. I find them not only challenging, but exhausting. We’ve done it a few times, and it’s just that:
    been there , done that, now it’s time to not go there again.
    I always wondered why my dad detested joint vacations, when the kids were having a ball, now that i’m an adult, i can see why!
    No contracts can with stand the pressure of it:)

  9. madkane says:

    One joint vacation was definitely more than enough!