The Supreme Court Preclears Voter Suppression (Limerick)

The U.S. Supreme Court’s hypocritical demolishment of the Voting Rights Act, followed by a rush by certain states to impose discriminatory voting restrictions, inspired this three-verse limerick:

The Supreme Court Preclears Voter Suppression (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Sev’ral states who once had to preclear
Any voting law change, gave a cheer:
The Supremes set them free
To restrict votes with glee,
Which they’re doing with plans in high gear.

In its holding, both sneaky and bold,
The Sup Court said the formula’s old,
And so need not be heeded–
A new one is needed:
It freed states to fair-voting withhold.

Some are doing just that with great speed,
Which proves that old formula’s need–
That it wasn’t outdated:
Bad intent’s unabated,
And there’s nothing to stop its stampede.

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3 Responses to “The Supreme Court Preclears Voter Suppression (Limerick)”

  1. Gary Strawley says:

    The supeme court voted against Our 4 fathers worst Nite Mare! Allowing more money into our Elections> and now they voted against voters rites!Seems to me they are completely against OUR Constitution!! What do you think??????

  2. z. alexi says:

    Mad’s 3-verser is mesmeric, daunting & an imperative voice for the oppressed who’ve been bamboozled at voting booths for eons. Congress must pass new fair voting laws for the Deep South [LA, MS, GA, TX, AL SC, FL]. The Deen restaurants so-o represent the south we inhabited [we’re escapees!]–creationist museums fib that earth/humans are 6,000 yrs old when carbon dating [flesh & bones] evidence shows 4.54 billion yrs. They resisted freeing slaves–slaughtering 625,000 Americans. “Lost Cause” is title of 1866 book; they’re still whining…hanging Confederate flags/symbols…

    Paula Deen & her ilk need to be kicked into the 21st century. In lawsuit, her brother Bubba is accused of sex harassment, calling Prez Obama a n*gger & glaring at porn on work computers/phones [creating “hostile work-place environment”]. Catharine MacKinnon won unanimous U.S. Supreme Ct case in 1986 for hostile-free work climate–yet the Deep [Dark] S. still doesn’t get it.

    Paula referred to her waitress as a ‘piece of pussy’–sex harassment reinforces the social inequality of women to men; she allowed a relative to regularly call a black employee ‘my little monkey’; white staff are paid more & promoted quicker than blks; had white & light-skinned blks deal w/customers but relegated darker-skinned staff to ‘back-of-the-house work.’ Publr Random Hse punished her for her racism; perhaps that’ll learn her. See NYT reporter Kim Severson’s fall 2012 interview of Deen on TimesTalk. [“Come out here, Hollis–we can’t see you standing against that dark board” (TV backdrop).] Deen’s recorded apology featured 3 obvious edits–w/the picture spasmodically fading out between splices–making a statement just 5 sentences long [brutally edited recitals are rarely from the heart].

    The Deep S. has been DEEPLY mired in hatred for 237 yrs. In 30 yrs, whites won’t be majority; alas, southerners’ kids need to stop abusing nonwhites; they’ll control the votes. My h.s. g.f. is a Teabagger &–when presented w/proof of the truth–still believes rumors. Watch Investigation Discovery’s ‘Swamp Murders’ & ‘Southern Fried Homicide’ for a taste of our anachronistic south. P.S. Why is Paula selling furniture? Is she one of those self-anointed omniscient jerks Mad limericked about?

  3. madkane says:

    Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments.