Panning Palin

Is speculation that Sarah Palin’s speaking career’s starting to crash and burn just wishful thinking, or something more? One thing’s for sure — her Las Vegas keynote speech didn’t impress commercial realtors.

Panning Palin
By Madeleine Begun Kane

I never “got” Palin’s appeal.
I’m confused. Please do tell. What’s the deal?
Ill-informed and quite crass,
With a voice that breaks glass —
Why on earth would folks pay for her spiel?

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11 Responses to “Panning Palin”

  1. PianoMan says:

    You folks who on Palin are stuck:
    She’s just out to make a quick buck!
    Your choice of a hero
    To me is a zero
    So I shrug and say WTF?

  2. madkane says:

    Fun verse PianoMan and Rob.

  3. jesse levy says:

    You wonder why they pay her to speak?
    It’s because she’s their favorite freak.
    There’s one thing that’s sure,
    Sarah’s an attention whore.
    And I’m certain she’ll yap again next week.

  4. Steve Bates says:

    You wanna hear flailin’ and wailin’?
    Just go around badmouthin’ Palin.
    Why her? I’ll explain:
    Most of “PALIN” is “PAIN”…
    Because it’s herself she’s retailin’.

    – SB the YSS

  5. Steve Bates says:

    In Alaska, or so I am told,
    They once spent their time panning gold.
    But New York gets its fix
    Panning Palin, for kicks…
    Mrs. Sarah just cannot be sold.

    – SB the YSS

  6. Gordon says:

    Re: You haven’t picked up that winking habit from Palin, have you?

    Cold shot, Mad! That’s why I love you. (Wink)

  7. madkane says:

    Thanks for your limericks, Jesse and Steve.

    Gordon, better be careful — hubby Mark reads my blogs. :)

  8. Gordon says:

    I simply worship from about as far away as one can get. Remember, it’s not stalking ’til you see me in your rose bushes. (Wink)

  9. Mad, why must you fume and fuss
    when Sarah serves a good purpose?
    We all love to hate
    each sick reprobate
    assured they are worse than us…

  10. Paul W. Luscher says:

    I got one word for you: MILF

    I remember the article by an observer at the 2008 Republican convention, in which he noted how all the Republican fratboy delegates talked about how Palin gave them a woodie.

    And I think that’s really the sum and substance of it–she’s a fantasy “sexy librarian” and former beauty queen who mouths the political platitudes they want to hear, no matter how garbled and nonsensical it all comes out.

    Shame, isn’t it? Superficiality beats substance. And it pays well, too.

  11. Realist says:

    La Palin believes she’s a honey
    But doesn’t impress those with money
    So blather away
    To those who will pay
    Until they stop thinking you’re funny!