Joe “Vote 60” No Mo’

I’ve been searching for a positive note in the Massachusetts election debacle and its effect on health care reform and Obama’s agenda. And I’ve finally found the one up side to Democrat Martha Coakley’s upset loss to Republican Scott Brown:

Joe “Vote 60” No Mo’ (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Joe Lieberman’s blue — in a pout.
Massachusetts has cost him some clout:
Mr. “Me-Me-My-Mine”
Now just “Vote 59.”
Dems are screwed with his vote or without.

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3 Responses to “Joe “Vote 60” No Mo’”

  1. The BoBo says:

    That’s a good one! I’m sure you’re spot on with that analysis.

  2. madkane says:

    Thanks BoBo. I’m betting this is the first time we’ve agreed about anything. :)

  3. lawguy says:

    Well your ditty would be accurate only if Obama wasn’t using Holy Joe as cover. That is only if Joe was doing something that Obama didn’t approve of. On the other hand there is literary license.