Larry King and Carrie Prejean — Not Headed To The Altar

I can’t decide what’s funnier:

a: Carrie Prejean’s finding Larry “King Of Softballs” King too tough and “inappropriate” an interviewer during her appearance to promote her book (and dodge discussing her lawsuit and sex tape); or

b: Carrie Prejean’s inability to properly storm off a set.

Note To Beauty Pageant Coaches: Must add storming-off-tv-set etiquette to your coaching regimen.

Here’s the video and here’s my limerick:

Larry King and Carrie Prejean — Not Headed To The Altar
By Madeleine Begun Kane

There once was a wingnut named Carrie
Who got angry at talk show host Larry.
So she yanked off her mike,
Then just sat there on strike.
But when storming off sets, must not tarry.

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3 Responses to “Larry King and Carrie Prejean — Not Headed To The Altar”

  1. tsisageya says:


    Peach Festival

    Dear God my cheeks hurt
    You make me love you big time
    Who are you Mad Kane

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  3. Tumblewords says:

    Cute limerick! Those two are evenly matched. What one lacks, so does the other. :)