Stewing Over Stupak

This feminist is furious over the abortion-coverage-banning Stupak Amendment to the House health care reform bill. And no, Stupak isn’t a Hyde Amendment-equivalent. It’s the Hyde Amendment on steroids.

I’ve never been a third party-proponent. But Stupak’s inclusion in the House bill shows such disregard and disdain for women’s reproductive rights, that a progressive, pro-choice third party is starting to sound very attractive.

I suppose I must rise out of my Stupak stupor and write a limerick:

Stewing Over Stupak
By Madeleine Begun Kane

The Blue Dogs by using extortion
Have effectively outlawed abortion:
Turned the health reform bill
Into “pro-lifer” swill.
Must reverse this, or Democrats’ corps shun.

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3 Responses to “Stewing Over Stupak”

  1. A Stupakian fellow named Bart
    Himself a vagina-less fart
    Made backdoor amendment
    A Pro-Choice condemnment
    We’re confident will come apart.

  2. Do not despair. Get as many people as you can to send this email to the Catholic Bishops. Also find out the emails for the protest churches and send it to them.


    Your organization injected itself into
    the healthcare bill to send women
    back to the 19th century.

    Expect a tithing strike until:

    The Stupak Amendment gets
    removed from the healthcare bill

    A new Prescription drug benefit
    gets created in Medicare Part B
    with no extra monthly premiums,
    no extra yearly deductibles, no
    means tests and no coverage gap.
    The program covers 80% of
    generic and patented drugs.
    The program gets run by the government
    and not insurance companies nor drug companies.

    The public option gets funded by taxes
    and people who sign up for it pay no
    monthly premiums, no yearly deductibles,
    no means tests with no coverage gaps, no
    yearly or lifetime caps to medicaal care
    and pay nothing for medical care and
    medications and abortion.

    This tithing strike shall also affect the
    protestant church as well.

    Good day.


    Send the above text to

  3. Bonnie Shapiro says:

    NOW and the “usual” feminist groups who do not think the “greater good” is served when women are abandoned, will be having a day of mobilization on the Stupak Amendment and its language.. See the NOW website for details. It will be Dec. 2, a Wednesday, and include lobbying our Senators and a rally at noon. Bring your own limericks.