Happy Birthday To Me

Friday, September 11th was my birthday — one of those traumatizing, ends-with-zero birthdays. So I told my husband Mark that, unless he wanted me to be a basket case on nine-eleven, he’d better plan something good.

So, did Mark rise to the occasion? He sure did, as I describe in this three-verse limerick:

Happy Birthday To Me
By Madeleine Begun Kane

My nine-one-one birthday was great!
Hubby Mark planned a fabulous date:
God of Carnage — fine play —
Four fab stars on Broadway.
Yes, I married a wonderful mate.

The play featured James Gandolfini,
Who did not play a mafia meanie.
Hope Davis starred too
And Jeff Daniels. Woo Hoo!
Marcia Harden’s the fourth. Creds ain’t teeny.

We dined on gourmet Mex cuisine:
Toloache’s the best I have seen.
And we drank and we danced
At two bars. Age advanced?
Well, perhaps … but I felt sweet sixteen.

(Cross-posted on my non-political humor blog.)

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6 Responses to “Happy Birthday To Me”

  1. Joyce T. says:

    What a wonderful time it sounds to have been, Mad! The Happy Birthday to You limericks were fun. :)

  2. Bev says:

    Sounds like you had a fun birthday. You have a lovely husband who was really thoughtful to find something nice to do to celebrate your 16th plus some months birthday.

  3. Denise Kusel says:

    A birthday on the heel of summer
    Portends well for extra slumber
    But I won’t tease ya
    ’bout eating tortilla
    I’d rather have a bagel.

  4. madkane says:

    LOL! Thanks, everyone! And thanks for the verse Rob and Denise!

  5. marduk says:

    I know that I’m very new here
    But I’d like to make something real clear
    Nine-fifteen is the date
    No, I’m not four days late
    I am getting a jump on next year

    Happy Birthday Madeleine!

  6. Mad kane says:

    LOL! Marduk, you’re the definitely the first. :) Thanks!