Ode To Fresh Faces

Ode To Fresh Faces
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Republican planning is plain.
They want to rebrand, they explain.
So on Sunday’s TV
New faces we’ll see:
Folks like Cheney and Newt and McCain.

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5 Responses to “Ode To Fresh Faces”

  1. JollyRoger says:

    My father once told me that you can electroplate a turd, and all you’ll have in the end is some shiny shit that stinks.

    These turds can’t even find something shiny to plate themselves with. They just keep offering up turds.

  2. Agi says:

    Same as it ever was…

  3. madkane says:

    The same, indeed!

  4. Steve Nance says:

    I think they figure repetition, and the passage of time, will do the trick. After all, how many in the media are challenging the current effort to canonize Reagan, now that most of the audience are too young to remember what a wretched president he actually was? All of a sudden, with Nineties Newt having receded over the horizon of the public attention span, Newt 2.0 is being taken seriously as the hot “new” brand for 2012.

  5. madkane says:

    There’s a reason why so many Americans are brainwashed.