McCain’s Bellicose Tune (Song Parody)

I’m starting to lose track of how many wars John McCain wants us embroiled in.  He’s certainly singing a bellicose tune these days, and now you can join in with him to the melody of I’m Popeye The Sailor Man:

McCain’s Bellicose Tune (Sing to I’m Popeye The Sailor Man)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

I’m tougher than nails, I am.
I stand up for Uncle Sam.
The other guy’s weak,
While I’m still at my peak,
Cuz I’m tougher than nails, I am!

I’m one tough contender
Which hates all pretenders
Wot never has grown a pair.
I stiffs ’em and bluffs ’em
And always out-roughs ’em.
Obama won’t get nowhere!

That foolhardy boy’s incurred my wrath.
It’s “Wham” and it’s “Bam,” un’erstan’?
It’s risky behavior
To challenge this Savior.
McCain is the White House Man!

I carry a giant stick.
I’m fast with a verbal kick.
Don’t vote for that lad
Or I’ll really get mad.
Beware of my giant stick!

Obama is just a wuss,
A sweet-talking fraidy-puss.
He looks kind of foreign,
Perhaps Ecuador’an.
Don’t vote for that callow wuss![tags]McCain Song Parody, Campaign Satire, Election Humor, White House Song, Obama Song Parody[/tags]

3 Responses to “McCain’s Bellicose Tune (Song Parody)”

  1. Very cute . . .



    PS: Looking forward to more limerick prompts! ;-)

  2. Sapphocrat says:

    Excellent! How about one devoted entirely to the hypocrisy of his personal life? First verse that comes to mind…

    I’m Social Conserv’tive Man
    I’m for each gay-marriage ban
    Don’t ask ’bout my cheating
    Or my ties to Keating
    Or that liar, Vicki Ise-man!

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