Poll: What’s the real reason Karl Rove resigned?

Okay, so Karl Rove has resigned to spend more time with his family. Yeah … right.  This calls for a poll, don’t you think?


(My Bush impeachment poll is still open for business, and you can find my Bush’s Brain limerick here..) [tags]Karl Rove’s Resignation, Bush’s Brain Resigns, Polls, Polling, Humor[/tags]

4 Responses to “Poll: What’s the real reason Karl Rove resigned?”

  1. VJB says:

    Oh Rove, Karl Rove–our beloved captain’s gone;
    the architect of Red State bliss, gone home to family’s arms.
    Professor Arithmetical, the modern al-Khwarizmi;
    he’s dropped a term, put ‘y’ for ‘z’, and misplaced a decimal point.

    Too late the subpoena-called has fled.
    Too late the family’s calls.
    But with a pardon in his pocket,
    he breaks wind and damns us all.

  2. VJB says:

    Not a haiku:

    A political movement.
    A Turd in the bowl.
    Watch it Blossom.

  3. madkane says:

    Thanks for the laughs, VJB!

  4. PSoTD says:

    Some Posts I Hadn’t Seen…

    That are worth reading…

    A note to the Berks County Democrats.