Political Madness Bush Impeachment Poll

I’ve been itching to impeach Bush for as long as I remember.  In fact, I’m starting to lose track  of all the song parodies, poems, and limericks I’ve written on the topic. 

I’ve also been itching to post polls here and I figured why not start with an impeachment poll. And now that I’ve found this very cool Democracy WordPress poll plugin, here’s my first ever poll. (You can also find this poll on my sidebar.)


UPDATE:  I’m running a far less controversial poll at my other non-political humor blog. [tags]Impeach, Impeachment Poll, Impeach Bush, Impeach Cheney, WordPress Poll, Impeachment Song Parody, Impeachment Verse, Impeachment Poems, Impeachment Limericks, Democracy WordPress Poll Plugin, Sidebar Poll[/tags]

10 Responses to “Political Madness Bush Impeachment Poll”

  1. enigma4ever says:

    great poll, love your blog- will have to add you to the Blogroll. I can’t wait to see how this poll turns out…

  2. Susceptor says:

    as much as I like polls, I hate to have to point this out but….anyone who takes your poll is a self selecting sample, so the entire poll is invalid in terms of figuring out how many people actually want to impeach Bush. if republicans would actually visit and see your post most of them would probably say no to impeachment. That said, it would be nice if we could impeach him, but it aint going to happen.

  3. madkane says:

    Thanks, Enigma!

    And Susceptor, you’re right of course. But it’s still a fun exercise and a great fantasy. :)

  4. Mick Fowler says:

    “Add a comment wouldn’t function for me. I would have said,”Bush should be arrested and jailed in the same way as any other serial murderer.”

  5. madkane says:

    Mick, sorry that function didn’t work for you. I don’t know what caused the problem but am glad you posted it in the comments section. Thanks!

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  8. april says:

    Thanks for your entry to Carnival of Principled Government!

  9. Ken Driessen says:

    Eh Mad’:

    You’re hot! Wish I had a gal like you around to help make the Progressive Participatory Direct Democracy Party a reality. Also I too sing, play guitar, write songs and parodies. I’m on youtube at wiscokiddd

    Peace Love & happiness

    in all that you do


  10. Walt says:

    There must be legal action against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Rove even if there is no impeachment. America was led deliberately into an unjust war on false pretenses. If not, we should have no confidence at all in our government. Nancy Pelosi deserves removal for opely refusing to even consider impeachment, flying in the face of the people who empowered the congress in 2006. Wacth old Joe Liebeman now catering to McCain and trying to get us to invade Iran. Wonder where his loyalties lie?? What is wrong with our nation?