Why Does George Bush Hate Our Troops?

By now, you’ve surely read the two-part Washington Post story about the abysmal treatment Iraq War veterans are receiving at Walter Reed Army Medical Center:

Why Does George Bush Hate Our Troops?
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Where’s the medical aid for our troops?
When they’re injured, they’re treated like dupes.
Those who’ve lost arm or leg
Need our help, yet must beg
Us for care, forced to hurtle through hoops. [tags]George Bush, Troops, Iraq War, Medical Care, Injured Veterans, Walter Reed Army Medical Center[/tags]

6 Responses to “Why Does George Bush Hate Our Troops?”

  1. PoliShifter says:

    For Bush,

    the troops are only good for a few things. One is for photoprops when he gives speeches. Makes him feel all commander-in-chiefy.

    The other is for dying in his glorious occupation.

    And about the last thing they are good for is for claiming that Democrats don’t support the troops but that he does.

    Beyond that Republicans and Bush could give a fuck about the troops.

    10 years from now when a large chunk of Iraq Vets are wandering around homeless with mental illness Repugs will be demanding that we don’t give these people welfare or provide medical care for them.

    It’s all very sad. I only wish the American People would wake up and realize that Republicans and Bush do NOT support our troops as far as taking care of them. They only support them as far as furthering their own political agenda.

  2. the skwib says:

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  3. madkane says:

    Well said, PoliShifter!

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  5. desert mp says:

    Where were you when Pres. William J. was slicing and dicing the military. Oh, the medical care, yes, universal health care at it’s finest. You commi’s try to rename yourselves in a thousand ways. Nothing has changed hippies

  6. OIF Vet says:

    Actually, mp, BJ Klinton had us on the right path of surplus and his “cuts” were the extension of those started by Bush I. Keep combing the web both Left and Right, the truth will come to you as it came to me. I was a ‘true believer’ also. After seeing so much of the hypocrisy of Cheney-Rove, Inc. the facts spoke for themselves. God bless you, stay safe, and try to get 4 or more hours of sleep each day.