Some Gift Ideas (Political Humor, Gifts For Lawyers, & Music)

Do you need some holiday gift ideas? Here are two political items that I’ve been enjoying:

* The Best Political Cartoons Of The Year 2007

* 2007 George Bush Out Of Office Countdown Calendar 

If you have any lawyers or law students in your family, legal song parodies are always fun.  Here are two offerings for your favorite law-meisters:

* The “Solicitor Of Satire” Bob Noone’s hilarious latest is Bob Noone: The Well Hung Jury, available both as a CD and DVD. 

* “Merry Lexmas From The Lawtunes,” Lawrence Savell’s “third album of allegedly-humorous lawyer-created law-related rock-and-roll holiday songs.”

* If you’d rather give that lawyer an entertaining book instead, there’s always Barman: Ping-Pong, Pathos & Passing The Bar, by Alex Wellen.

* Finally, if you’d like to buy some good music and help raise money for the homeless, there’s Freedom Track’s Gonna Rise Up from the Nashville Session Players.  [tags]Holiday Gift Ideas, Music, Books, Calendars[/tags]

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