Mars Haiku Contest Results

Earlier this year, NASA held a Mars haiku contest, which was managed by the University of Colorado. You can read the winning Mars haiku entries here.

I didn’t win, but my second haiku (the sappy one) got just enough votes to qualify to be included in the DVD that will accompany MAVEN on its journey to and around the Red Planet.

Here are my two entries:

Sorry to barge in.
We don’t mean to make rubble,
but we’re out of space.


Earth’s promise to Mars:
We vow to treat you better
than we treat ourselves.


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8 Responses to “Mars Haiku Contest Results”

  1. Madhumakhi says:

    Lol! Love the pun here. I can’t imagine earthlings ever treating anyone well.

  2. pea says:

    I love both. If I’m honest I wish the first one had gone to mars, seeing that they had to choose.

  3. Sherri B. says:

    These are both so clever – congrats to you on making the DVD! That’s awesome.

  4. Sumana Roy says:

    great haiku…. :)..and congrats for the achievement…

  5. ZQ says:

    Sweet…and congrats on your upcoming trip there will be a presence in your absence :-)

  6. Aditi says:

    Both are brilliant!! So cool on making it yo their DVD!

  7. Sara V says:

    Mad, congrats! I think that is incredibly cool–I think they should have picked the first one :-)