Sleepless In Bayside (Limerick, Haiku, & Senryu Prompt)

Sorry for my late posting. As I mentioned in my last post, I recently broke my wrist.

Today’s limerick, haiku, and senryu theme is sleep and insomnia. First, my limerick:

Sleepless In Bayside
By Madeleine Begun Kane

My husband can catnap at will,
And my jealous reaction is shrill.
My insomnia’s bad —
Just can’t help getting mad,
Cuz his snores can be heard in Brazil.

And now my haiku or senryu:

I watch my husband
Sleep hour after hour.
What is his secret?

Now, of course, it’s your turn. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to write some verse about sleep and insomnia. When you’ve posted your poem(s), please return here and add a direct link to your themed poetry, using Mr. Linky. There’s no rush, by the way, because you have a whole week to post it.

(Note: My poems were inspired by these three prompts: “catnap, “my nights” and “when I watch you.”)

Limerick and Haiku Prompts Participants  

1. gautami tripathy
2. lissa
3. Granny Smith
4. Crafty Green Poet
5. Bevie
6. Noah the Great
7. Noah the Great
8. Bevie
9. Mary’s Madness
10. art predator
11. Connie

UPDATE: Mr. Linky is now closed, but you can still add links to your sleep and insomnia verse in the Comments. And if you’d like to participate in a new poetry prompt, you can always find my latest one here.

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12 Responses to “Sleepless In Bayside (Limerick, Haiku, & Senryu Prompt)”

  1. Granny Smith says:

    Great verses that not only answer Sunday Scribblings’ “my nights” prompt but give us a neat segue to this page’s prompt.

  2. Elayne Riggs says:

    I’ve been sleepless for
    Two evenings in a row now
    I need to be employed!

  3. Rae Trigg says:

    Great limerick! And the haiku is very thoughtful. I like the way you used the prompts from the various sites.

  4. White Rose says:

    I know this feeling well! I’m plagued with insomnia, why is it these wonderful ideas rattle around my head when it is time to sleep? And I had to laugh –

    “just can’t help getting mad,
    Cuz his snores can be heard in Brazil.”

    My husband does the same thing!

  5. I envy those who can sleepy easy!

    Hope your wrist is better now.


  6. lissa says:

    nice limerick, sleep is an interesting topic

    mine’s not much of a haiku though

  7. Tammie says:

    I love both your poems, the first is fun! Great humor in truth, eh!

  8. it is great to come around as always… sleepless is only for those who can’t sleep.. i agree

  9. Bevie says:

    I’ve added my senryu. Sleep deprivation is a weapon of baby warfare.

  10. Bevie says:

    And now I have added a limerick on sleeplessness :)

  11. art predator says:

    i can relate — my husband sleeps deep like yours but fortunately his snores stop when i elbow him into turning over!

    i on the other hand do not sleep well and suffer from night terrors hence my blog has many poems and posts about sleep!

  12. Cruz Medawar says:

    Hey fantastic post.

    I’ve had issues with my husbands ear-splitting snoring, it got so frustrating we started sleeping in seperate rooms but luckily there is a solution.Not sure exactly how it works, but it involves jaw support, air velocity and soft tissue vibration – this article explains the snoring solution best.

    You’ll love the snorless nights!