Musical Accord (Spoof Contract)

One afternoon your ten-year old daughter comes home from school, enthused about learning to play an instrument. Your eyeballs start to throb. Your head begins to pulsate. You ask yourself whether tin ears are passed down from parents to their children. How do you resolve this dissonant dilemma?

AGREEMENT entered into on ___________, 20__ , by noise-averse Parents and instrument wielding Child.

WHEREAS, Child has expressed an interest in studying the sax;

WHEREAS, Parents hate the sax and don’t even consider it a real instrument; … (Musical Accord is continued here.)

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11 Responses to “Musical Accord (Spoof Contract)”

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  2. Family of Carnival Life says:

    […] Mad Kane’s Humor Blog’s post, Musical Accord (spoof contract), is a must read for any parent whose child is a budding muscian. […]

  3. Kailani says:

    How funny! I dread the day my daughter wants to learn a musical insturment. I love the way the pros sound but not looking forward to the learning stages!

    Here via Carnival of Family Life.

  4. madkane says:

    Thanks so much Kailani!

  5. Jenny Ryan says:

    You know, if my parents had come up with something like this, I might have been able to make my piano teacher much happier over the years :)

  6. As the wife of a middle school band teacher, I LOVED your piece. I am also a piano teacher, although piano is much less offensive than a beginning blare through a reed instrument.

  7. Oh, I also loved the Guide for the Opera Impaired, being a former voice major! You always bring such freshness to the Mothers and Daughters Carnival. Thanks for your participation.

  8. Hysterical! We have a new nine year old percussionist in our home, clarinet was his second choice. Thankfully dad is a drummer and we swayed him that way. Thanks for the big smile!

  9. madkane says:

    Thanks so much SingForHim and Julie!

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