Bigots Sling The Blues (Limerick)

By now, you’ve surely heard about the wingnutty brouhaha over Coke’s multilingual “America The Beautiful” Super Bowl ad. This article title says it all: “Coca-Cola’s ‘It’s Beautiful’ Super Bowl Ad Brings Out Some Ugly Americans.”

Bigots Sling The Blues (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Coke’s “Beautiful” polyglot ad
Has gotten the bigots quite mad.
Seems it’s too damn exotic
And unpatriotic.
I’m guessing they’re also non-GLAD.

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5 Responses to “Bigots Sling The Blues (Limerick)”

  1. P Diane Schneider says:

    Xenophobics, convinced they are right
    Will insist that their foes fly a kite
    If they say “feed the poor”
    Or, “Let’s open the door.”
    (Unless they’re referring to Whites)

  2. daChipster says:


    Or do they hate cling wrap?

  3. madkane says:

    Several people have corrected my spelling. However, there are two prominent organizations that deal with gay issues. One is GLAAD, and one is GLAD. I’d link both here, but I hate to take business away from Google. :)

  4. I looked into K.L Bates further and discovered she and her mother were polyglots, a translation they did was published. In her introduction, K.L. Bates said:

    “Mrs. Cornelia Frances Bates (1826-1908), a graduate of Mount Holyoke in the days of Mary Lyon and the widow of a Congregational minister, took up the study of Spanish at the age of seventy-one. Until her death ten years later, the proverbial ten years of “labor and sorrow,” her Spanish readings and translations were a keen intellectual delight. Her Spanish Bible, from which she had committed many passages to memory, was found at her death no less worn than her English one. Even a few hours before dying, she repeated in Spanish, without the failure of a syllable, the Shepherd’s Psalm and the Lord’s Prayer.”

    She’d have be delighted by a polyglot version of her most famous poem that ends, “crown thy good with brotherhood…”

    Everything about that song, everything about her other writing is everything that the Rush Klux Klan would hate. Her America the Beautiful is everything they have worked to prevent.