Hey Obama Sycophants, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

They were warned, but they refused to listen. And now they’re paying the price.

I’m referring, of course, to the Pro-Obama bloggers who delight in anti-Dem media bias, so long as it’s directed at Hillary Clinton.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the election: Now that the press is giving Obama a hard time over his condescending bitter-small-town-America faux pas, these press bias-enablers are suddenly horrified by media bias. Why? Because it’s their candidate whose ox is being Gored. 

And that brings me to my latest limerick:

Hey Obama Sycophants, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You!
By Madeleine Begun Kane

“The press is unfair to Barack,”
Whines the Cult of Obama with shock.
Loaded questions, contortions
Of words, and distortions
Now wrong, cuz it’s their guy they mock.[tags]Media Bias, Press Bias, Media Humor, Senator Obama, Senator Clinton, Presidential Election Campaign Satire[/tags]

21 Responses to “Hey Obama Sycophants, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You”

  1. Pat Johnson says:

    Loved it!!!

  2. Steve Bates says:

    Good one, Mad! And you managed it without using any rhymes from the classic “man from Iraq” limerick! :)

  3. Pinky says:

    You’re a genius!

  4. Robert says:

    There is indeed a bias in favor of Obama, and I can explain it very simply. People like Obama more than they like Clinton. She’s tainted in the eyes of the public and the media. Her and her husband, Slick Willy, are chronically incapable of being straightforward and honest, and more than a few people are tired of it. This controversy will pass and Clinton will lose. She ran a terrible campaign, and she deserves to lose as a result.

  5. James says:

    Honestly, as an Obama supporter, what pisses me off is that I know Clinton is an exceptionally smart woman and that she knows Obama meant no offense. Did he misspeak? Yes. Was what he said even somewhat cruel? Yeah. But in times of crisis we turn to what we can count on- in this case basic ideals rather than national politics. That was his point, Hillary knew it, and Clinton didn’t act that way.

    And to be fair, sometimes I think the attacks on Clinton are a bit too much (other times not harsh enough).

  6. Zach says:

    What I find interesting now is that the first half-white-man is running for President, Bill Clinton, the first “Black” President according to black’s is somehow now persona non-gratis, although formerly loved, but now hated and for what??? Would it be because for the first time there is a REAL opportunity to beat the white-man, by electing the first Half-white-man?————————————————————————————————-The reaction(s) to this way of stating the case may provide you with a degree of insight, dependent upon the answer(s). A psychological test case.

  7. Dave says:

    Obama’s been lucky up to this point, as his main competition does her absolute damnedest to be completely unlikable. When it comes time for the general election he’s really going to get hammered, although not as much as McCain.

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  9. Pillory Billary says:

    Unless the Clintons totally implode the Democratic party, Barack Obama will be our next president.

  10. Nick Jumangit says:

    Obama is a complete liar!
    Obama hates this country! He wants to be president so that he can destroy it!
    Just connect the dots… from his wife’s statement about how she now
    loves the United States to his pastor’s tirade about “America be dammned”!

  11. Joe Shmoe says:

    The liberal press has given the Democrats a free pass for 20 years. Now that the Democrats are feeling the pressure, they’re whining like babies.

    Are there any Dan Rathers out there making up stories about Democrats? Grow up, Dems…time to get out of your diapers.

  12. Ruth Ventura says:

    Personally I don’t think what Obama said about the “bitter” people was that far off base….although better left unsaid….I don’t believe that it makes him an elitist or out of touch. Just human.
    Come on, finally we have a decent, capable person running for president. I say let’s support him and take our country back, gaining back the respect of the world (which we certainly have lost with the current administration).
    I also have nothing against Hilary and if Barack Obama were not running against her, I probably would have voted for her.

  13. onecaspa says:




    “‘OLIE & STAN” what did you get us into this time??.

  14. Sojourny says:

    I am a 51 year old african-american women and it bothers me that 80% of my race is supporting Obama. When he first started campaigning he catered to White America. When his campaign began to decline, he started quoting and comparing himself to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to pull the black vote.

    Republicans encouraged him to enter this Presidential race to take the African-American vote from the Clintons to guarantee a Republican enters the white house.

    Question? Why hasn’t anyone noticed that most of the primary votes cast for Obama come from Republicans to take the Clintons out of the race? I call it a “Sanjaya” (american idol). In November those same republicans with vote with their party. GUARANTEES A REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT!

    Also, I believe that Barack Obama is in on it! MONEY MONEY MONEY, MONEY!!

  15. Steve from Sacto says:

    Gee,. Nick, you’re quick to pull out the “America be damned” quote. But I notice you didn’t mention the claim by the right-wing evangelical who supports McCain that Hurricane Katrina was sent by God to punish the people of New Orleans. Guess he gets a pass, eh?

  16. Mrs Lee says:

    I agree. A lot of African-Americans are supporting Obama mostly because of his color. Had he been of any other nationality, they would have been supporting Hillary. He speaks very intelligently and appears to be wise when he has time to practice speeches or when he (personally) feels that it is in “his” best interest to debate or comment. ONLY then does he appears to be the “right” one or is he really showing us his “true” outlook on what he is going to do for US? He brags about what he has already won, but if you have noticed; when at a lost, he doesn’t know how to respond or lose gracefully (PA results). At least Hillary knows when she is behind and can continue to be a woman that can still stand even in defeat. Something you will not find in Obama.

  17. Dilbert - Jacksonville, IL. says:

    Did I miss something? I don’t think that Hillary Clinton has won the popular vote, or the majority of the Democratic delegate votes yet, so why all of this conflict within the party? Can we just let the rest of the country speak their minds in the remaining primaries, and come together as a united party to defeat those &@#^! Bush supporters who voted in a President that by now should be known as one of the worst Presidents ever?!! Each state has it’s chance to nominate a Presidential nominee from it’s primaries. My State of Illinois has already done so. Let the rest of the country make it’s choice, and then let’s all get behind the best of the best candidate. I say NO to the Republican choice, seems like more of the same that we have already been subjected to for the past 8 years. Let the results speak for themselves as to the final Democratic candidate, and then let us all get behind them. Enough infighting, let us come together.

  18. Joe Shmoe says:

    Steve – the Evangelicals do NOT support McCain, which is why the Dems have been on the church tour this year, suddenly being guided by faith. As is usual with the Dems, they’ll use anything they can use to win an election.

    How come the Dems are suddenly concerned about the Vets? Bob Dole was the biggest supporter of Vets in history, and in 1996, Bill Clinton told him that talking about Vets was only for Dole’s political advantage and he should shut up about them. In 1992, Bill Clinton called Bob Kerrey, winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor, a “Vietnam baby killer” after Kerrey won the NH Primary. Now, all of a suddenly, the Dems care about troops? How phony can a party be?

  19. Mick says:

    Mad Madaleine he he he :)

    What a tragic soul.
    “Recovering lawyer” by profession what that means?
    You lost your licence and now you are recovering or is something else, just curious.

    Maybe you can help with a case number BC304174 down in Los Anfeles, California ;)

    It seems to me you are the one who needs help immeadiately and guess what? Barack OBAMA is your ONLY chance.

    Don’t say you wasn’t warned :)


  20. Mick says:

    Ohh ROFL

    It say’s “your comment is awaiting moderation” ha ha

    make me a time for correction: “Angeles”*** :)


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