Is Black The New Teflon?

The impression I’ve been getting lately is that every barb and criticism aimed at Obama is almost bound to be characterized as racist by Obama surrogates.

Isn’t there something wrong when a candidate (or commentator) has to fear the racism card each time he/she says something negative about a black candidate? Something that would be just fine to say about a white one?

And shouldn’t Obama be required to meet criticisms on the merits? Everyone else is … or certainly should be. Not only does this better serve the voters, but it also helps candidates prepare for the general election.

By cloaking himself in a coat of black Teflon, Obama belittles genuine racial grievances and stifles real debate. He even demeans himself.

And now, a limerick:

Is Black The New Teflon?
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Obama’s campaign has an ace:
It’s a joker, that card they call race.  
Every Hill-team critique
Draws their racism-pique.
Can’t attack him: He’s black! That’s their case.[tags]Obama Commentary, Race Card, Election Racism, Racist Accusations, Campaign Satire[/tags]

9 Responses to “Is Black The New Teflon?”

  1. I don’t blame Obama himself. I have a notion that there are a bunch of *white* guys in his campaign who think that supporting a black candidate gives them an excuse to play the race card. The race card is like a brand new toy for them – and one that they might never get to play with again.

    I expect that Obama and Clinton have enough sense that they will now focus their attacks on the other party instead of each other. The problem will be if their supporters get out of control and the whole thing starts going downhill.

  2. why does white insecurity and historical conscious always use race as a pretense to ignore reality. Hill and bill paying Mr. Johnson will backfire on them not to mention the issues remain the econonmy and iraq .the new efforts and focus on surge and money will not work . sunni or latter

  3. Dan says:

    this could be the dumbest blog post I’ve ever read. on the whole internet. ever.

  4. somaking says:

    Obama needs to repudiate the race card. To have any credibility in the general election, he needs to define himself beyond race.

    Trouble is, once he does, he’ll be seen as just a far-left candidate that would never win a primary otherwise.

  5. Riley says:

    “And shouldn’t Obama be required to meet criticisms on the merits?”

    That’s just it. Most any criticism that could be reasonably defended with use of the “race card” by Obama, would be on it’s face a criticism without merit. Media personalities have already criticized the man for his name, for attending a “Madrasah” (the Arabic word for any type of school, secular or religious), and for not being black enough.

    It’s ironic and refreshing that people will need to keep their issue-less irrational criticisms at least somewhat in-check with regard to Obama. Hopefully, as a result, the media personalities will think twice before criticizing Obama on things that are not relevant to the issues.

    I wish this were the case for all the candidates.

  6. Dan,

    What is dumb about what she is suggesting? Please explain yourself.

  7. Herb Urban says:

    Interesting point. Race has always been an issue in American political history whenever an African-American has sought office. The ugly history of racism in this country remains with us. AA only received the right to vote a little over 40 years ago. That isn’t that long ago.

    I will concede I am an Obama supporter, so perhaps my bias shows. But I think criticism can be leveled against Hillary for using gender whenever it suits her advantage. The level of sexism displayed my media bobbleheads like Chris Matthews has been disgusting and undeniable. However, I resent how her camp always cries foul when Edwards and Obama have gone after her. She is the frontrunner. Frontrunners get attacked. It has nothing to do with her gender.

    I’ve been a big Bill fan since 1992, but the former President really needs to sit this primary out. He is upstaging his wife, and I find his attacks on another Dem undignified for an ex President. He needs to go raise money for famine or build a house with Jimmy Carter. Using GOP tactics on fellow Democrats is no way to win a primary or help his wife. We need to have an honest debate in selecting our nominee. George Bush and the Republicans are the biggest threat to this country, not a fellow Democrat who dares challenge the Clinton stranglehold on the party.

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