Curb Your “Age Of Turbulence” Enthusiasm

Poor little innocent Alan Greenspan is shocked, SHOCKED, I TELL YOU, by the Bush administration’s budget deficits and loss of fiscal discipline. What a shame that the brilliant Greenspan was never in a position to do something it about it and maybe even prevent it.

Oh … wait. Never mind!

So are you planning to run out and buy Greenspan’s self-serving, history-rewriting The Age of Turbulence? There’s really no need to, because I’ve summed up the former Federal Reserve Chairman’s new book in a single haiku:

Curb Your Age Of Turbulence Enthusiasm
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Panning fiscal acts
He once endorsed, Greenspan feigns
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13 Responses to “Curb Your “Age Of Turbulence” Enthusiasm”

  1. Steve Bates says:

    Exactly so, Mad… also a lot shorter to read, and, fortunately, lacking Greenspan’s usual econo-babble and self-justification. Thanks!

  2. madkane says:

    Thanks, Steve! :)

  3. KitE says:

    Perfect; I dealt with trying to parse this guy’s econospeak for years when I worked the markets, and it was beyond frustrating to see how well he could fill the air with words that never clarified or stated anything. THe worse however is when he DID say that ARMs are a good idea, which was just at the point when the savvy Wall Street boys were starting to see the potential cracks in the system. I recall telling a retired friend about what he said; her comment was “that’s crazy, he would never say something like that”. Right.

  4. Nebris says:

    Basho would be proud.

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  6. madkane says:

    Thanks KitE and Nebris!

  7. John Clavis says:

    Means never having to say
    Anything at all

  8. madkane says:

    Nice haiku, John. Thanks!

  9. To suppose that ANY words written about free market economics, by the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board – who fixed the price of money in secret for the unimaginable enrichment of any extraordinarily tiny clique, the mostly male, largely white members of the well-connected inter-locking directorate of the world’s most powerful entities, and obfuscated that one simple fact for over two decades – to actually and rationally think that he will divulge any mystery or enlighten anyone with any additional utterance supposedly rich and full of robust, profound and clarifying wisdom, is as foolish as Allan is continually conniving.

    Every con needs a great misdirection and central banking is the greatest illusion ever perpetrated, most certainly proved by the longevity of its current stage run. Alas, even Sigfried & Roy never made a tiger disappear, but only seem to, and their act came to a near fatal end.

    I recommend not committing to making the bunting to celebrate the 2013 legislative centennial of the Fed until the last minute.

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