How About Campaigning For Shorter Campaigns?

Presidential Election 2008 is so far off, and yet… 

How About Campaigning For Shorter Campaigns? (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Campaigns seem to lengthen each year;
When elections are held, how I fear
That the moment polls close
We’ll be hit by new prose,
As fresh promos for hopefuls premiere. [tags]Political Animals, Election Humor, Politics Humor, Political Campaigns, Campaign Season, Permanent Campaign, Presidential Election Campaigns, Political Advertsing[/tags]

3 Responses to “How About Campaigning For Shorter Campaigns?”

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  2. markbnj says:

    Hi Madeline.

    I thought you’d appreciate my latest poem here:

    It’s called “pop goes the wolfowitz”
    (as in paul…)

    Take a look at my poems, I’ve been on a great (sigh) iraq role.

    also, leave me a comment at my other poetry blog to request your own poem:
    (I ask that you give me a topic, a feeling, and a name (can be any name)

    Thanks in advance


  3. madkane says:

    Fun song, Markbnj!