Rush Limbaugh Verse (Updated)

I usually avoid writing about (or listening to) Rush Limbaugh.  But Limbaugh’s outrageous attack on the ailing Michael J. Fox, followed by his non-apology apology, inspired me to write this pair of poems. First, my Rush haiku:

Limbaugh’s Fox attack:
Pestilence in broadcasting,
Toxic radio.

And now, my limerick:

Limbaugh maligned Michael Fox,
Who is ill and admired and rocks.
But drug popping Rush
Doesn’t know when to hush,
And he’s happy to sick people mock.

Update: For some Limbaugh laughs, check out Don Davis’s Limbaugh ‘Stays The Coarse’: Claims FDR Faked Polio, and Limbaughtomy.
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One Response to “Rush Limbaugh Verse (Updated)”

  1. nameless says:

    I absolutely can’t believe anyone listens to limbaugh. The guy really is toxic.