Bush’s Burst Bubble

Our housing bubble’s fin’lly burst,
Our pockets picked by George The Worst.
One heckofa job, “Decider” Bush,
A Prez whose brain is in his tush.

(My money humor is collected here.)

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4 Responses to “Bush’s Burst Bubble”

  1. Cap'n Dyke says:

    Love th’new site, m’Lass…an’ th’fine limerick! Ye said ‘tush’, hehehe.

  2. madkane says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Cap’n Dyke and for the nice words about my new digs.

  3. the skwib says:

    The Carnival of Satire (#48)…

    Welcome to The Carnival of Satire, where we promise that you won’t have to give us anything except a few moments of your time, and perhaps a laugh or two. Certainly not a vital organ.
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  4. Charles says:

    Funny stuff, madkane. I’m in the business and I’d much rather be laughing than crying.

    For that reason I recommend anyone wanting to laugh their way through the bubble burst check out this new novel called Ocean Raton. The author is a real estate industry exec – I know him from around South Florida – and the satire he has written is as painfully funny as it is true.

    Sleazy real estate deals, strippers, schemers … he doesn’t pull any punches and you’ll laugh as much as you wince (if you happen to be in the business). I know you can get it on Amazon.com.

    Keep the humor coming, madkane, thanks!!