Vive La (Brain) Différence!

I usually don’t use the New York Post as a source of scientific info.  But this report on brain differences between men and women is very interesting. (Hat tip to

Here’s an excerpt:

In her book, the Columbia professor explores the chemistry of male and female brains – and, using up-to-the-minute medical research, reinforces some cherished “Men Are From Mars” stereotypes:

* Women remember better – even things that happened a really long time ago.

* Men are better at map-reading. They also get turned on a lot easier.

* Women thrive on talking and spending time in groups; men like to do things on their own.

But all this isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. For example: A woman’s brain is, in fact, about 10 percent smaller than a man’s, even when factoring in physical size difference – but it also has a lot more going on, neuron-connection-wise.

In other words, writes Legato, “women get more brain bang for the buck.”

Thanks to Stone Age wiring, women also have a far greater capacity for understanding speech and body language, and have “elephantine” memories, especially when it comes to negative experiences.


Men are better than women at focusing on one task and completing it. Women’s brains excel at multi-tasking, which like many of their traits has origins in childbearing: “You’re not just going to sit and stare at your baby. You have to process a demand from your child and move on to different tasks.” In the brain, this means more connections across the corpus callosum, which divides the brain into two halves.

As you can see from that New York Post article’s dateline, it only took me a year to celebrate our differences with a poem:

Vive La (Brain) Différence!
By Madeleine Begun Kane

We gals and guys are diff’rent—
You must know that old cliché.
Now some scientists have proven
That our wiring’s night and day.

The brains of men are larger,
Which shall surely make them proud.
Will it hurt gals in the workplace—
Only big-brained folks allowed?

But women’s brains have neurons
Whose connectors are first-rate.
We are multi-tasking mavens,
And our memory’s just great!

With diff’rences so striking
(Guys and gals, I mean to say)
Our commingling’s quite amazing.
I’m surprised we all ain’t gay.

(You can find my feminist humor here.)


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  1. Menstrual Poetry says:

    […] The (now) legendary, Madeleine Begun Kane presents Vive La (Brain) Différence!, a great poem celebrating the differences in male and female brains. This, and much, much more can be foun at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog. […]

  2. CG Walters says:

    Recovering lawyer? From the post I’d say you’ve recovered quite well.
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  3. PATRICIA W says:

    Bravo Madeline !! I was so delighted to find you today.
    I was looking for feminist publishers because as a therapist some of my gals want to buy books I suggest and then have to get them from the big publishers instead of women’s, esp. feminist publishing houses. You may want to consider it? I was looking especially for “Getting in Touch With Your Inner Bitch” by Elizabeth Hiltz.
    Anyway, keep up the good work…very clever, very funny indeed. Made my day here in Baltimore,Md.,USA
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