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Bob Newhart Names Madeleine Begun Kane Winner of 2008 Robert Benchley Society Award For Humor

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When I'm not writing humor or playing with my husband, I read the competition. Here are some entertaining humorists I think you'll enjoy. (After you check them out, please come back and read my humor about politics, the law, media, marriage and family, holidays, technology, feminism, money, cars, education, health, pets and animals, work, travel, and my home town -- New York City.)

  • Anthology -- Life's a Stitch: The Best of Contemporary Women's Humor A terrific, new Random House humor anthology, whose contributors include Wendy Wasserstein, Delia Ephron, Anna Quindlen, Kathy Najimy, Christine Lavin, Erma Bombeck, Julie Gold, Cathy Guisewite, Merrill Markoe, Patricia Volk, Signe Wilkinson, Jane Wagner, Judith Viorst, Fran Capo, Molly Ivins, Lynn Johnston, Julie Haslton, Roz Chast, and many other terrific writers, cartoonists, and singer/songwriters. I'm proud to say that one of my humor columns is in the book too.

  • Amy Chavez - JapanLite -- Japan's Best Humor -- Japan Lite appears in The Japan Times, Japan's largest English language daily. In her funny and informative columns, Chavez explains all things Japanese, from Zen Buddhism to why praying mantises ride the bullet train to Tokyo.

  • Marilyn Davis - AllSheWrites A wide assortment of amusing tales from the mind of humorist Marilyn D. Davis.

  • Gene Doucette - GenePool -- Gene is a humorist, a playwright, and a skeptic. It's all here. Also, check out his newest section, The Other Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook.

  • Ernie's World -- Ernie Witham wanted to be a waiter but he spelled it wrong on the job application and instead became a writer. It was just one more incident in Ernie's World, which appears twice monthly in Southern California newspapers, the Montecito and Santa Ynez Valley Journals.

  • Debbie Farmer -- Family Daze -- Family humor columns by the very entertaining Debbie Farmer, whose work also appears in this great, new Random House humor anthology: Life's a Stitch: The Best of Contemporary Women's Humor. And I'm proud to say that one of my humor columns is in the book too.

  • Danny Gallagher -- Danny Gallagher's movie humor column and other humor from a writer, humorist and all around nice guy.

  • Angela Gillaspie - Southern Angel -- The "Redneck Bombeck" shows you interesting feats of Southern motherhood. Come share the inspiration, humor, recipes, and inevitable flatulence that makes 'Life' the big bowl of pinto beans that it is.

  • Marian Holbrook Writer Marian Holbrook specializes in humorous essays, poetry, inspirational writing and even plays inspirational/worship songs on the piano.

  • Mike Jasper - Constant Commentary -- Mark Twain meets Dennis Miller and Miller wins. R-rated for strong language.

  • Madeleine Kane -- Raising Kane -- Okay, technically I'm not an "other humorist." But I do write about everything from marriage, computers, and cars to money, work, and politicians. And don't forget to check out my Dubya's Dayly Diary.

  • Susan Kawa - MOMMARAMA! -- Award winning parenting humor by Susan Kawa, featuring UG (the caveman) - inept parenting expert, quarterly contest for really cool FREE stuff, and more.

  • BZ Leonard - A Site For Cyber Eyes -- Eye candy ... fractals, photos, altered photos, 3-D SciFi renderings, and Brain candy: humor columns and an historical diary of the bombing of Hickam Field/Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

  • Long Island Sleuth The Irvmeister's funny, offbeat observations on the life... the things that irk us on a daily basis, such as, annoying voice mail, spam, and parents. Witty "serious humor," inspired in part by his nutty family, especially the Florida branch.

  • Michael Nickerson Online -- Humorous, insightful, and surly rants, critiques, and commentary by Michael Nickerson.

  • -- is headquarters for the weekly stream-of-consciousness humor column by Greg Gagliardi, in addition to the High School Columnists Network.

  • Scott Sevener -- Through humor, short stories, and other material, readers get to dive "deeper into the life of Scott Sevener than anyone really cares to go."

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