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Sorry, but the page you tried to access doesn't exist. Or perhaps it existed at one time, but then I learned the error of my ways and ditched it. Or maybe some hacker didn't think the page you wanted was funny and did you a favor by destroying it.

If, after all this aggravation, you still want to read some of my humor and song parodies, I'm eager to help. Here are some of your exciting options:

  • You can use the "dropdown menu" on the upper left hand corner of this page to surf to my main site categories. (Just point to and highlight the category that intrigues you and click on "Go.")

  • You can use the text links near the bottom of this page to locate my main site categories or the text links just above the song parodies icon.

  • You can email me: and tell me what went wrong and/or how funny you think I am. (Hint: I like the latter choice better.)

  • If you're a Democrat or a Liberal, you can click on my Political Madness Blog. If not, you'll probably want to avoid those pages. You're going there anyway? Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you.

  • You can punish me by leaving. But please don't -- I'm very sensitive. I'm begging you! Stay! Pretty please! Oh no! Don't leeeeeeeeeeee....

I have one more suggestion which should help if you're searching for a particular humor piece. Just plug a relevant word or two into my website search engine just below the song parodies icon and see what happens. Who knows? You might even get lucky.

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