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In honor of Bush's so-called "Growth and Jobs Plan," I offer "Class Warfare." Feel free to sing along to "Moon River," by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer, using this midi link.)

Class warfare,
Poverty will swell
If Karl and Dubya get
Their way.

Old dream breaker,
That cruel faker.
The poor who support Bush
Will soon rue the day.

Big grifter,
Wants to run the world
To keep his pals in erl,
You see.

He's driving the Dems
Round the bend.
When will his term end?
He's not the middle's friend.
Screws workers with glee.

Cut taxes
On the starving rich,
Cause wealth is such a bitch,
They say.

They seem lucky,
They're just plucky.
Their fortunes keep growing,
So don't make them pay.

George Dubya's
Right atop the world,
Wreaks havoc on the world's

He's helping the poor,
He'll pretend.
Wants the sick to mend,
On Bush you can depend,
If you're richer than he.

© January 8, 2003 Madeleine Begun Kane. All Rights Reserved.

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