What Bloggers And Others Are Saying About Mad Kane

         “The Blogging Bard” — Crooks and Liars         “Inestimable diva” — Markos Moulitsas Zúniga (Daily Kos)           “Very funny blog” — Howard Mortman         “Enough song parodies to choke Allan Sherman” — Skippy the Bush Kangaroo         “The High Priestess of Political Poetry” — Don Davis (Satirical Political)         “Humorist … who is actually funny” — Eric Olsen (BlogCritics)

“Gets inside the head of a shrub” — American Politics Journal Hot Site         “Great parody songs” — Democrats.com (Bob Fertik)         “Makes you laugh and makes you think” — Nation Reader’s Favorite Media Outlets         “She’ll make you laugh and think.” — Michael Schenkler (Queens Tribune)         “You should have an Off Broadway show” — Lynn Samuels

         About.com Political Dot-Comedy Award 2005 — Best Parodies (Ongoing Achievement)         Buzzflash Frequent “Lighter Side” Selection         Guardian’s Best Bush Sites          Maxim Magazine Hot99         National Society of Newspaper Columnists Award         Netscape Cool Site of the Day         USAToday Hot Site of the Day         USAToday Fun Site of the Week