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Scalia (Song Parody To Leonard Bernstein’s Maria, from West Side Story)

Monday, July 6th, 2015

Though I already wrote an Antonin Scalia limerick today, I’m itching for more. So I composed these song parody lyrics to the tune of “Maria.”

Now Scalia/Maria does sound obvious. So I’m surely not the first to use “Maria” to parody Scalia. But I don’t want to do a Google search, lest I be inadvertently influenced by someone else’s lyrics.

And with that disclaimer out of the way, here’s my parody:

The jiggery-pok’ry Scalia,
Treats justice like a game,
The worst judge I can name, you see.

The wingnutty jurist, Scalia,
Demands the final word
With phrases so absurd, to me.

When he loses a case, he’s sulking,
And his presence is always so hulking.

The nastiest Justice, Scalia.

Scalia, Scalia, Scalia, etc.

Pitches disses, instead of reason,
Disagreements with him — treats like treason.

That sore-losing, pompous Scalia.

The most odious person on that Court:


A Tale Of Two Kims (Limerick)

Monday, December 19th, 2011

It’s hard not to laugh at the confusion caused by Kim Jong-il’s demise:

Yes, in the wake of the passing of Kim Jong Il, some Twitter users seemingly believe that the female rapper Lil’ Kim had died instead.

On Twitter, amusing confusion—
Lil’ Kim devotees — wrong conclusion.
Kim Jong-il’s death was met
With deep shock and regret.
Seem’s Kim’s music can cause mass delusion.

Now Playing On My Other Blog

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

If you’d like a break from politics, my other (general humor) blog has a pair of limericks about the Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno, NBC controversy and about Simon Cowell’s decision to leave American Idol.

The Dreaded E-Word

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

President Obama recently used the e-word in connection with his yet-to-be-named U.S. Supreme Court nominee, and the Republicans were (or pretended to be) horrified. Senator Orrin Hatch claimed empathy was a “code word for an activist judge”, while the ever-entertaining Michael Steele said in his inimitable, classy fashion, “I’ll give you empathy. Empathize right on your behind!”

But while many Democrats were outraged by Republican reaction, I’m empathetic enough to appreciate where they’re coming from:

Empathy is such an ugly word:
Injudicious moral flaw.
Empathy is totally absurd
And violates the rule of law.

(With my apologies to Billy Joel)

(My previous (and full length) song parody to this song is here.)

Two Dicks

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh have been having quite the love fest lately. Of course, they’ve always been in bed together:

Dick and Rush,
And Rush and Dick—
The only real Republicans.
They really click.
The soulless man for Dick is Rush,
And Rush for Dick.
Love lying together.

(My apologies to the The Turtles.)

Bush Speaks Loudly And Carries A Small Stick

Monday, May 14th, 2007

What important business did President Bush conduct this weekend? He waved a small stick  —  a conductor’s baton — while pretending to conduct a symphony orchestra:

JoAnn Falletta was doing what a conductor should — concentrating on the orchestra in front of her. No wonder it took her a few seconds on Sunday to realize someone behind her was motioning for a try.   

“Smiling at me kind of devilishly,” Falletta said.

She gave him her baton and stepped aside.

Gesturing exuberantly, the president led the orchestra during part of its performance of “Stars and Stripes Forever.”

The article goes on to quote Falletta as saying Bush knew the score and conducted with “panache.”

Gimme a break! Marches like this Sousa perennial barely need a conductor — just somebody to signal the piece’s beginning and end.  

On the other hand, Bush’s conducting had to be better than his dancing.

Full disclosure: I played oboe under JoAnn Falletta’s baton many years ago, when she was assistant conductor of the Nassau Symphony Orchestra in Long Island, New York, and I was its principal oboist.


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UPDATE: My latest limerick contest is over and the winners list and winning entries are here. Another limerick writing contest will be coming soon on my other blog. [tags]Bush Conducts, JoAnn Falletta, Stars And Stripes Forever, Bush Conducting Orchestra, Conductor’s Baton, Bush Dancing, Nassau Symphony Orchestra, Long Island, New York, Symphony Music, principal oboist[/tags]

Nixing The Chicks (Haiku)

Monday, October 30th, 2006

Nixing the Chicks
By Madeleine Begun Kane

NBC nixes
Ad for Dixie Chicks movie.
Flips bird at fairness.

(The song parody I wrote back in 2003 about the Dixie Chicks being treated like traitors is here.) [tags]Country Music, Dixie Chicks, Documentary, Patriotism Humor, NBC Ads, Censorship[/tags]