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An Ode To Blogroll Amnesty Day

Friday, January 30th, 2009

For some, Blogroll Amnesty Day (BAD) is an excuse to be generous with their links.

For others, (who shall remain nameless, but you know who you are) it’s simply an excuse.

And for me, of course, BAD’s an excuse to write yet another limerick … as if I needed an excuse:

An Ode to Blogroll Amnesty Day
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Are you planning to celebrate BAD?
If you don’t, skippy’s bound to be mad.
Spread the link love around.
Make sure small blogs are found.
Serve up link juice and don’t be a cad.

Blogroll Scrooges Must Be Punished

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

Some major bloggers (most prominently Atrios/Eschaton and Kos) have recently instituted a blogroll purge, eliminating, for the most part, all but the usual suspects.  And to add insult to injury, they referred to it in Orwellian fashion as “Blogroll Amnesty Day.” 

Now Kos never saw fit to link me, but I was on Eschaton’s blogroll for years until this wholesale purge, discussed  here by skippy, here by Jon Swift, and again by skippy here, cause you can never have too much skippy.

Blogroll scrooges should be penalized, don’t you think?

Blogroll Scrooges Must Be Punished (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Mr. Eschaton’s wholesale de-linkage
Hurts small bloggers through blogroll link shrinkage.
Kos has done the same thing.
Both are scrooges left-wing.
I’ve de-linked them and won’t give them inkage.

Some Gift Ideas (Political Humor, Gifts For Lawyers, & Music)

Monday, December 11th, 2006

Do you need some holiday gift ideas? Here are two political items that I’ve been enjoying:

* The Best Political Cartoons Of The Year 2007

* 2007 George Bush Out Of Office Countdown Calendar 

If you have any lawyers or law students in your family, legal song parodies are always fun.  Here are two offerings for your favorite law-meisters:

* The “Solicitor Of Satire” Bob Noone’s hilarious latest is Bob Noone: The Well Hung Jury, available both as a CD and DVD. 

* “Merry Lexmas From The Lawtunes,” Lawrence Savell’s “third album of allegedly-humorous lawyer-created law-related rock-and-roll holiday songs.”

* If you’d rather give that lawyer an entertaining book instead, there’s always Barman: Ping-Pong, Pathos & Passing The Bar, by Alex Wellen.

* Finally, if you’d like to buy some good music and help raise money for the homeless, there’s Freedom Track’s Gonna Rise Up from the Nashville Session Players.  [tags]Holiday Gift Ideas, Music, Books, Calendars[/tags]

Linky Love

Sunday, October 1st, 2006

For your reading (and viewing) pleasure:
* Lance Mannion tries to figure out if SNL was ever really funny.
* From OneGoodMove, The State Of Denial 60 Minutes Preview.
* Steve Bates tells us The Prez Can Do Anything.
* From Don Davis, Bob Woodward Finally Emerges From ‘State Of Denial.’
* Lance Mannion deconstructs Studio 60, which seems to have made him a bit grumpy.
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Linky Love (Updated)

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

For your reading (and viewing) pleasure:
* Carnival of Satire
* Daily Show video clip, courtesy of One Good Move: War On Terror Progress Report.
* Satirist Don Davis gives us a look at the real Iraq Intelligence Report.
* Carnival of the Vanities.
* Shakespeare’s Sister doesn’t approve of the New York Post’s snide take on Keith Olbermann’s anthrax scare.
* All Hat No Cattle has gone Comma Crazy.
* The Good Blogs now has a U.S. Politics section. If you’re not familiar with The Good Blogs, it’s a cool new site whose purpose is to “create distributed communities of bloggers who actively promote each other every time readers visit their blogs…” And I’m very pleased to participate in its U.S. Politics showcase and its BlogSisters showcase.
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