If Trump Could Write Limericks

Via ABC News: “President Donald Trump will hold more large-scale campaign rallies in Wisconsin this weekend as coronavirus cases and hospitalization rage across the battleground state, making the clear decision to prioritize campaigning rather than worry about more people getting sick.”

Since it’s vital to cover all bases,
I am holding big rallies in places
Where the China Plague’s strong.
I don’t care if it’s wrong
Cuz I’m shielded from all virus traces.

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3 Responses to “If Trump Could Write Limericks”

  1. Mike says:

    There’s one thing we know about Trump:
    He needed a very strong pump.
    What it had to do
    Was to fill him with goo
    As a prominent lump on his rump!

  2. Mike says:

    The President’s name means”break wind”.
    If you do so, he’ll say you have sinned.
    To make sure there’s no more
    He will show you the door
    And suggest that it’s time to rescind.

  3. Tom Pikul says:

    Hello, Madeline dear;

    This is Tom. I’m thinking of sending you my Trump stuff if you wish since I’ve got tons. I will also have stickers of which I’ll try to send you a copy of by e-mail. It’s s stop sign modified to read, ”VOTE 2 STO (m)P TRUMP. Please let me know. Thanx.

    Keep quick & long live the lim’ri’k! Tom