Donald “Emboldened Rogue” Trump (Limerick)

As Donald Trump’s dirty deeds mount,
He never is called to account.
This emboldens and stirs him
To escalate — spurs him
To WORSE acts — too many to count.

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4 Responses to “Donald “Emboldened Rogue” Trump (Limerick)”

  1. Limerickman says:

    The Democrats’ have delicate ears,
    Are offended by truth, it appears.
    In powers they lie,
    And spews out their lies,
    But the Ass from progressives, begets jeers.

    In the modern world, where libs’ lays.
    The progressives beneath them, too lays.
    They play with Crayons,
    And cry when they breaks.
    And suckered their feelings, they slayed.

  2. Limerickman says:

    In MAGA Country, where they pray for the Trump,
    For God gave them, the Trumpet.
    Libs cry safe space,
    Progressives threats crimes,
    And they screeches at the Tweets of the Trump.

  3. Limerickman says:

    In Washington DC, they March on their rump,
    The Pink Hats abone on their bump.
    In screeches they cry foul,
    And left the place in a foul mess,
    Now they stay home with their cump.

  4. Limerickman says:

    The Demon-cRats, they Fed,
    Upon the people bed.
    Now they gets Fat,
    Upon their Fat Ass,
    Now demands more for their Cat.