In the Soup? Flip Superdelegates (Limerick)

Sanders’ Campaign Old Stance re Superdelegates: They’re establishment types who undo the will of the voters.

Sanders’ Campaign Post-5-State-Loss Stance: Flip Clinton’s Superdelegates.

Superdelegates ought to be banned;
They’re unfair and can wrongfully hand
The win to the chick
That the voters don’t pick.
This once was the stance of Bern’s brand.

But now that the voters made clear
That Bernie’s support gap’s severe,
He’s looking to woo
Clinton’s “Sups” to undo
Voter powers he claims to hold dear.

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3 Responses to “In the Soup? Flip Superdelegates (Limerick)”

  1. Anthony McCarthy says:

    I noticed that too. It would seem that the 2.5 million vote gap between Hillary and Bernie, in her favor, have caused a revision in their appreciation for the superdelegate thing.

    I like Bernie Sanders but the longer this goes on the less I like his supporters. I wasn’t really paying attention till I heard a lot of them at our caucus and I really didn’t like what I was hearing. And I had considered standing up for him. In the end I stood up with neither side. I guess I was the unity vote in our caucus.

  2. madkane says:

    Thanks for your very interesting comment and insights about your personal experience.

  3. Jay Ketover says:

    This is America where majority rules. Though Bernie supporters are more passionate the Hillarys almost three million more voters like her. Superdelegates are folks that have earned their status by virtue of holding either state of party office and are deseving to attend the convention. I believe they mostly support HRC because her platform is not so pie in the sky. No matter what he says now if Bernie is elected a major tax increase on all classes will follow.