The “Overrun” Speaker (Limerick)

How does John Boehner explain away and excuse his role in the government shutdown?

“I got overrun, that’s what happened.”

The “Overrun” Speaker (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

What is Boehner’s excuse? He’s got none,
Meekly claiming he “got overrun.”
He could scarcely be weaker;
His job as the Speaker
Is leading — he’s left it undone.

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One Response to “The “Overrun” Speaker (Limerick)”

  1. Infidel753 says:

    Bad tea can become rather weak,
    When the teabag’s been used past its peak;
    But the weakest of all
    Is John Boehner, who’ll fall
    To his knees for each teabagging freak.

    If leadership’s what you desire,
    Then Boehner’s the man we must fire!
    The best option I see
    Is Nancy Pelosi
    Who’d stomp the tea-tards into mire.

    So let’s help him pass from the scene
    In November two thousand fourteen.
    Now the teabagger crew
    Polls less loved than dog poo,
    We’ve a passel of House seats to glean.