Open Limerick To “Speaker” Boehner

Open Limerick To “Speaker” Boehner
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Dear Boehner, while reading the news,
I’m bewildered — it tends to confuse:
Either somebody stole
Your Speakership role,
Or you gave it to Senator Cruz.

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3 Responses to “Open Limerick To “Speaker” Boehner”

  1. Fred Bortz says:

    In Congress, there’s no room for doubt.
    Tea Partiers think they have clout.
    While Boehner, the Speaker,
    Gets weaker and weaker.
    In twenty-fifteen, he’ll be out.

  2. Patrice of the ManyCats says:

    The Louse in the House

    John Boehner is truly a bane,
    His behavior utterly insane.
    The Speaker speaks so loud,
    Obstructing, and he’s proud
    Of causing our country such pain :^o

    One question is, why would he do this?
    [He’s run out of asses who’ll his, kiss?]
    No one will oppose him;
    It’s time to depose him
    From throne, self-appointed — sick bliss.

  3. Patrice of the ManyCats says:

    Our Speaker, it’s time to replace
    You with someone not a disgrace.
    High time you were leaving!
    Do you see us grieving?!
    Get OUT! Let us sniff not a trace…

    {Mad, this is a double entry, submitted for this week’s contest too :) }