R U Proud Of Yourself, McCain? (Limerick)

After the New York Times published Putin’s op ed column, Senator McCain decided to one-up him by writing an opinion piece for Pravda (the official paper of the Russian Communist Party.) Unfortunately, he didn’t realize there are two Pravdas. Even more unfortunately, McCain ended up being published in the wrong Pravda.

Pravda.ru, the news outlet that actually published McCain’s piece, is an electronic news website founded in 1999. Even though the website also bears the name Pravda, it is not connected to Pravda newspaper. The website has English and Russian editions and covers everything from politics to fashion and celebrities.

R U Proud Of Yourself, McCain? (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

There’s someone on John McCain’s staff
Who made an embarrassing gaffe:
His haste he shall rue—
Pravda-r-u won’t do
For a piece by McCain. What a laugh!

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2 Responses to “R U Proud Of Yourself, McCain? (Limerick)”

  1. Well, what do you expect? If he took the time to catch up with the real world he’d have to give up video poker. I wonder if that’s why he didn’t remember how many houses he has.

  2. I’ll bet that the staffer is blushin’ —
    He deserves this satirical crushin’.
    But how could he make
    Such a foolish mistake?
    (Ironically, ’cause he was… RUSHIN’!)