Repellent Republicans (Limerick)

Repellent Republicans (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

“DC’s broken right through to the core,”
Yell Republican pols as they pore
Through old laws they’d repeal
(Who needs the New Deal?)
Determined to break it some more.

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33 Responses to “Repellent Republicans (Limerick)”

  1. John Sardo says:

    DC is broken right to the core.
    No more Roosevelts or Trumans to adore.
    Republicans constantly are in a rush
    It’s government they’ve set out to crush.
    Their scam will backfire; that’ll settle the score.

  2. Vonnie says:

    En Pointe, as always, Madeleine!

  3. Randall says:

    McConnell’s a stupid old bore
    Boehner’s a drunken old whore
    Ted Cruz and Rand Paul
    And the Tea-Baggers all
    Need to be chased out of the door

    The whole Party needs to be swept clean
    Front and back and those in-between
    The polls all are showing
    The way the wind’s blowing
    It’s Hillary in two-thousand sixteen

  4. Rich (In Name Only) in Reno says:

    The Republican Family of Crime
    Would begrudge a beggar a dime
    For cash from a Koch Brother
    They’d starve their own mother.
    Spouting Bible quotes the whole time.

  5. Paul M says:

    Good one, Rich in Reno!

  6. ZenDog says:

    The REPELICAN Party of Shame
    Fucks the public and calls it a game
    For the President’s Hide
    Their Boener can’t hide
    They are rapists in all but in name.

    The REPELICAN Party of Shame
    denies all of science and more is the shame –
    for their corporate whoring
    and welfare engorging
    their masters demand more of the same.

  7. ZenDog says:

    The REPELICAN Party of Shame
    Does nothing all day they can name!
    They sit on their ass
    Claim the bill will not pass
    Unless in the CORPORATE Name!

  8. ZenDog says:

    The REPELICAN Party of Phuket
    Insists the Republic must suck it
    The Planet’s not warming
    and they are not whoring
    On ALEX’s Corporate Junket!

  9. ZenDog says:

    That REPELICAN Clan in DC
    as everyone plainly can see
    can not pull up their drawers
    while those lustful old whores
    Bare a Corporate Boener for thee!

  10. ZenDog says:

    That REPELICAN Father of Lies,
    That Bircher, that Birther of Lies!
    Let the economy fall
    and then had a Ball!
    So now there’ll be tears in their eyes!

  11. ZenDog says:

    That REPELICAN Party of Crime
    Mad Whores on the Corporate Dime!
    Knows no end of excess
    While our Rights they Transgress
    And Chief Roberts toes Their side of the Line!

  12. ZenDog says:

    Woops – the last line reads better as:

    And Chief Roberts upholding their Line!

    That REPELICAN Party of Crime
    Mad Whores on the Corporate Dime!
    Knows no end of excess
    While our Rights they Transgress
    With Chief Roberts upholding their Line!

  13. ZenDog says:

    The REPELICAN Party of Shame
    Bears a Stain that No One will Name
    That Stain is their Sin
    and No One will Win
    The Stain of their Double-Tongued Game

  14. ZenDog says:

    The REPELICAN Party of Whores
    Cannot stand the light of out doors;
    Unless of their sin,
    With REPELICAN Spin,
    They can Blame on some Other Whores!

  15. ZenDog says:

    editing last line:

    They can Blame on some Other Mad Whores!

  16. ZenDog says:

    The REPELICAN Party of Lords
    Are really no better than whores
    Engorging their Koch
    With Rovian Stroke
    Whenever the Boener affords!


    Don’t tell me the party is over?

  17. ZenDog says:

    The REPELICAN Party Abuse
    Is so completely fuking Obtuse
    so Blatant, so Blunt, so unKind
    so completely outrageously Blind
    One is intended to scream: WHAT’S THE USE?

  18. ZenDog says:

    The proboscis of Priebus aside
    Their perfidious pleas cannot hide.
    For though it is big
    their Lies stink like a pig.
    Tis the price of bituminous high.

    I cannot seem to stop . . .

  19. ZenDog says:

    XIII [edited]

    The proboscis of Priebus aside
    Their perfidious pleas cannot hide.
    For though it is big
    it is only a Fig.
    There’s a price for bituminous high.


    The Party of Perry cannot hide
    that they are all pricks that abide
    where Oil is King
    and the Preachers do Sing
    that Jefferson must be Denied.

  20. ZenDog says:

    That ALEC Corporatist Clan
    has a really devious plan
    to usurp all your rights
    without even a fight –
    Its an American Protesting Ban!

  21. ZenDog says:

    Repelican Limericks I say
    Are a tremendous value today!
    For with less than a dime
    and but a brief rhyme
    we can laugh their fey nay away!

  22. ZenDog says:

    The Repelican party of Thieves
    Uncontent with the dropping of eves
    Will steal grandmother’s meds
    and Tiny Tims bed
    and break everything else that they please!

  23. ZenDog says:

    The Repelican Party of Ghouls
    Threats the public as no more than Fools
    To whom they must Lie
    And always Defy
    As daily they Ply their Cruel Rule!

  24. ZenDog says:

    The Tea Potty Party of Patsies
    That Pusillanimous Party of Nasties
    makes DC unsure
    of the Polity du Jour
    Their Creation was really quite Hasty!

  25. ZenDog says:

    Do not think of the Citizen Kock
    as some Phalic cum Socialized Stock!
    For all they can Breed
    is a Weedy Dead Seed!
    The Pox is a Party of Hemlock!

  26. ZenDog says:

    The Problem ALEX.ian Businessmen
    Their Bagman Repelican Partisans
    Dare not to Confess
    and Will Never Address:
    All the LIES they have SOLD to Americans!

  27. ZenDog says:

    The Repelican Party of Maggots
    So Eagerly Bursting their Gaskets
    over groom wedding groom
    that I must assume
    They are Horrified Closeted Faggots!

  28. ZenDog says:


    The Repelican Party of Scumbags
    The Odious Limpwristed Dishrags
    Could not pass us a law
    Without Parsing the Calls
    Found among all
    of their Devious Internet Hashtags!


    The Repelican Party Elite
    Has made the passing of Laws such a Feat
    that no one can Name
    the name of the Game
    when their game is not to get Beat!

  29. ZenDog says:


    The Repelican Party of Losers
    Ensconsed in the Pockets of Mizers
    These ALEX.ian Whores
    Cannot Hope to keep Score
    For they are all Stumbling Bumbling Boozers!


    The Repelican Party of Bandits
    Those Closenit Culprits and Mitt-Twits!
    Dispense their Pretense
    With Malodorous Offense
    Those Mentally Frostbitten NitWits!

  30. ZenDog says:


    The Repelican Party Elite
    For all of their Delinquent Deceit
    For all of their Guile
    And Climate Denial
    Must soon reap an ugly defeat!


    The Repelican Party has Lied
    They know, we know, they know they have lied
    They know they must pay
    For their play these long days
    And thus do we say
    The Repelican Party has Died!

  31. ZenDog says:

    I told myself I would stop, that I should not take over someone else’s blog comments, but I simply cannot resist – I cannot help myself and well, there it is . . .


    That Repelican Party of Pricks
    Those Governors, Senators, Ricks
    Claim single moms Breed
    a Criminal Seed
    and THAT is a really sick Shtick!

  32. ZenDog says:


    That Repelican Party of Harlots
    Should be Shot in their Gentrified Garments!
    The Issue is Clear
    As you may see Here:
    Da House is Invaded by Varments!

  33. ZenDog says:


    The Repulsive Repelican Klan!
    Down in Red States of Dixie they Stand
    ‘Gainst Voters Rights
    Though no Fraud’s in Sight!
    That’s just how it is in Repelican-stan!