Touring Boehner’s Brain (Limerick)

John Boehner had a hissy fit over the sequester-caused suspension of White House tours.

“The President is trying to make it tough on members of Congress. It’s just silly. I want to know who is being laid off at the White House. The Capitol is open for tours. We’ve been planning for this for months.”

Perhaps Boehner should have spent those months planning to avoid sequestration.

(Note that the transcript originally read “It’s just sick.” Then at some point, “sick” was changed to “silly.” Since I don’t have access to the audio, I don’t know which one is accurate.)

Touring Boehner’s Brain (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

To save cash, White House tours are curtailed,
But the House tours have NOT been derailed.
So you still can have fun
Seeing nothing get done
On the Hill, watching nonsense unveiled.

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3 Responses to “Touring Boehner’s Brain (Limerick)”

  1. Bob Dvorak says:

    Tough luck on the White House’s corps.
    Sequestration has left them all poor.
    On the Hill, Boeher’s mind
    Is still there, but you’ll find
    As a draw, it’s a very short tour.

  2. Infidel753 says:

    “I want to know who’s being laid off!”
    Roared the smugly-cruel bright-orange toff.
    Saving money without
    Cutting human beings out —
    That is NOT how this sadist gets off!

  3. “We’ve been planning for months!” shouted Boehner,
    And his meaning could not have been ploehner.
    For this is, one fears,
    What they’ve wanted for years,
    As they’ve passed from insoehn to insoehner.

    The Republican House under Boehner
    Is a mad dog that’s turned on its troehner.
    Yet some Democrats say
    They’ll still meet them halfway —
    Now that’s what I call a no-broehner.